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Professional Development and Online Learning

Our department mission is to provide training and support to academic programs, facilitate faculty development, support continuing education and continuing medical education programs, support online learning, and promote effective use of instructional strategies for learners.

Our vision is to provide faculty, staff and professionals with support, training and resources to do what they do best—prepare and empower health professionals to become lifelong learners and excel in their professions.

Our goals are to:

  • Conduct faculty and professional development programs to establish best practices in maximizing the use of educational strategies.
  • Share and celebrate academic initiatives currently being conducted across the PCOM community (Georgia and Pennsylvania programs).
  • Foster a spirit of enthusiasm for teaching by exploring new pedagogic methods.
  • Facilitate interprofessional collaboration by promoting academic initiatives across disciplines.
  • Encourage educational research as it relates to academic initiatives.
  • Enhance continuing education opportunities for health care professionals.
  • Promote online and blended learning initiatives across programs.

Contact Us

We have offices on both Georgia and Pennsylvania campuses, and we provide support to all university programs and colleges.  Our department number is 215-871-6689.

Our Staff

Erik Langenau, DO, MS
Chief Academic Technology Officer
Faculty Research Page

Scott Berray
Media Specialist

Tina Chiu, MEd
Director for Continuing and Distance Education
Phone: 215-871-6769

Bruce Fairfield
Photography Supervisor

Louise Jones, MEd
Academic Development Coordinator, Georgia

Scott Mascena
Media Specialist Supervisor

Linda Miller
Coordinator for Continuing Medical Education (CME)
Phone: 215-871-6348

David Teter
Academic Coordinator
Phone: 215-871-6689