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Key Issuance and Return

Read important information regarding key issuance, returns, lock core changes and related topics.

Key Issuance

Philadelphia Campus

To obtain a key for a Philadelphia campus location, the department head or representative must send a written request to Plant Operations - Philadelphia. The request must include the name of the recipient and/or user of the key.

PCOM Georgia

At PCOM Georgia, requests for key issuance should be made through the office of the Chief Campus Officer.


Outside contractors are not issued keys. They are escorted by a PCOM Public Safety officer or a Plant Operations staff member.

Core Changes

If a door key core change is needed, the department head or their representative must submit a written request detailing the reason for requesting a core change. The new core will be made by Plant Operations.

If an emergency replacement is needed for security reasons, Plant Operations will contact the vendor for our key system to perform emergency service.

Key Return

If an employee is terminated, it is the responsibility of the Human Resources Department to obtain all issued keys from the employee. On the Philadelphia campus, keys should be returned to Plant Operations. At PCOM Georgia, keys should be delivered to the Chief Campus Officer’s administrative assistant.

Returned keys are kept secured until a replacement for that employee is hired, at which time the issuing process is adhered.

If keys are not returned by Human Resources within two weeks, Plant Operations will re-key the applicable areas.