Research Poster Guidelines
Marketing and Communications

All requests for posters must be accompanied by an approved Office of Marketing and Communications research poster work request form. Student requests must be signed by both the department head and the dean with all appropriate information completed. Interns and residents must have signatures from the program director and associate dean of graduate medical education. 

A minimum of three weeks lead time (15 business days) is required for each poster request so appropriate time may be given to each presentation. The request will not be accepted if this three-week period is not adhered to. If your poster is already designed, only five days is needed for printing (see PowerPoint files section below).

A copy of the guidelines for your individual poster presentation must be attached to the poster work request form. Please be sure to include the dimensions of poster as they change per event. Click on the links below for additional details and requirements.


Text for Posters

If a poster is being designed, all copy (text) must be created in Microsoft Word and typed single space with no returns. Submit text by email to or on a flash drive. Please be certain to include the poster title and authors as well as all photo captions. All posters will have the College name included in the title as well as the College logo(s) positioned in the upper-left or right-hand corner.

Graphs and Charts

All charts and graphs must be submitted separately from your Word file. Acceptable formats include Microsoft Excel 5.0/95 Workbook (*xls file), Adobe Illustrator (eps file) or Sigmaplot (*eps file). Be sure to save each graph or chart as an individual file. Graphs and charts will be placed according to your directions. 


Only the PCOM Flame, Wordmark and the Center for Chronic Disorders of Aging (CCDA) logos will appear on the poster. The name(s) of other institution(s) will be included within the title as needed. The designer will insert the College logo for you. Please do not take a logo from the PCOM website; the logo is trademarked and of insufficient resolution for reproduction.


Each poster may include a maximum of four or five photos; the photos must be presented at the same time as the work request. Photos will be accepted as digital files (emailed) or on a flash drive. All photos must be clearly marked with figure number(s) and/or caption(s), and the order/placement per section(s) for the poster must be indicated.

Designing Your Own Poster

There are templates for you to create your own research poster in PowerPoint on Nucleus under the Work Tools Tab: Marketing. If the size that you require is not there, contact Sue Neborak ( to obtain the template for the correct size. After you design your poster, submit the file to the Office of Marketing and Communications. The College logo(s) will be inserted for you, please do not take a logo from the PCOM website; the logo is trademarked and of insufficient resolution for reproduction. Please be sure that you carefully review your poster content; no edits will be made after you submit your file.

PowerPoint Files

If a poster is submitted as a PPT file and is already laid out in the correct format, project time may be reduced from 15 working days to five (5) working days. No edits can be made to these posters. The Office of Marketing and Communications will put PCOM logo(s) on the poster for you. Do not submit PDFs.


Once design/layout is completed, your poster will be emailed to you in PDF format for proofing. Once the proof is approved, the final poster will be printed.