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Employee Recognition

PCOM is proud to recognize the following employees for their years of service to the College.


PCOM Georgia

Name Department Years of Service
Tamara Scaccia, MBA Student Affairs 10
Deirdre Brown, EdD, MS Clinical Education 10
Richard Saldivar Library 10
Rolf Dzirson Security and Public Safety 5
Terri Green School of Pharmacy 5
Suzanne Troendly School of Pharmacy 5
Naushad Khan Ghilzai, PhD School of Pharmacy 5
Jeffrey Seiple, MBA, LFD, LE Biomedical Sciences 5
LeAnne Varner, PharmD School of Pharmacy 5
Kenneth Harrison, Jr. Financial Aid 5
Abigail Hielscher, PhD Biomedical Sciences 5
Autumn Hagle Clinical Education 5
Barbara Myers, APR Marketing and Communications 5
Vishakha Bhave, PhD School of Pharmacy 5
William Delp, DO OMM 5


Name Department Years of Service
Robert Cuzzolino, EdD
Provost's Office
Christopher Gearhart
Plant Operations
Doris Williams-Powell
Distribution Services
Harriette Fine
Plant Operations
Rani Bright, MBBS
Biomedical Sciences
Teresa Curry
Forensic Medicine
Denise Curran, MBBS
Student Affairs
Mary Wilson
Marjorie Brodsky
Printing Solutions
Larry Finkelstein, DO
Family Medicine
Fred Goldstein, PhD
Biomedical Sciences
Sheila Saldutti Financial Operations 25
Arthur Sesso, DO Surgery 25
Denah Appelt, PhD Biomedical Sciences 20
Brian Balin, PhD Biomedical Sciences 20
Theresa Beauford Distribution Services 20
Clara Bogle Surgery 20
Farzaneh Daghigh, PhD Biomedical Sciences 20
Connie Ennis
Institutional Advancement 20
Donna Figaniak Provost's Office 20
Christine Hammond, MS Division of Research 20
Donald Masey, PsyD
Psychology 20
Theresa McGrath Printing Solutions 20
Deborah Muldoon
Physician Billing 20
Beatrice Nace Biomedical Sciences 20
Theresa Stem Division of Research 20
Marc Wertheimer Information Technology Services 20
Kristen Berry, DO PCOM Healthcare Center – Lancaster 15
Wendy Bolas Clinical Learning and Assessment Center 15
Douglas Koch, MMB Biomedical Sciences 15
Missie Miller Information Technology Services 15
Penny Patton Clinical Learning and Assessment Center 15
Virginia Salzer, PhD Psychology 15
Jenayle Smith Specialty Care 15
Carlos Stokes Laboratory Animal Resources 15
Modjtaba Azadegan
Laboratory Animal Resources 10
Jemal Bankhead
Physician Assistant Studies 10
Robert Barsotti, PhD Biomedical Sciences 10
Fatima Daniels Comprehensive Care 10
Jessica Glass Kendorski, PhD, NCSP Psychology 10
Philip Heywood Registrar's Office 10
Dorrisa Isaacs Bateman Human Resources 10
Kimberly Jones Graduate Medical Education 10
Scott Mascena Professional Development and Online Learning 10
Elise McRae PCOM Healthcare Center – Cambria 10
William Moody Plant Operations 10
Melissa Muldoon Physician Billing 10
Hui-Shia "Tiffany" Pang, MS Admissions 10
Nakeya Reese-McClam Financial Operations 10
Patricia Salley, PA-C Comprehensive Care 10
Kenya Shaw Registrar's Office 10
Joseph Smith Security and Public Safety 10
Mitzi Sorrells, MLS Library 10
Sharia Wolfe, MBA Biomedical Sciences 10
Allante Bateman OMM 10
Aiedanel Freytes-Leiva Financial Reporting and Planning 5
Tanya Gaymon Plant Operations 5
Scott Glassman, PsyD Psychology 5
Joan Grzybowski, DO Family Medicine 5
Cathy Hatcher, PhD Biomedical Sciences 5
Erik Langenau, DO, MS Professional Development and Online Learning 5
Heather Montie, PhD Biomedical Sciences 5
Jonathan Pentecost Information Technology Services 5
Jacquelyn White Division of Research 5