Employee Recognition

PCOM is proud to recognize the following employees for their years of service to the College.


Georgia Campus


First Name Last Name   Department Years of Service
Adwoa Aduonum PhD Bio-Medical Sciences 10
Richard White PhD Bio-Medical Sciences 10
Theresa Kocis   Clinical Education 10
Francis Jenney Jr PhD Bio-Medical Sciences 10
Linda Williams   Bio-Medical Sciences 10
Michael Sampson DO Clinical Education 10
Stacy Lewchuck   OMM 10
Patience Mason   Student Affairs 10
Dupree Lewis   Clinical Education 10
R. Bryan Ginn Jr   Office of Campus Executive 5
Michael Selby   Bio-Medical Sciences 5
Shu Zhu MD PhD Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology 5
Sonia Thomas PharmD Pharmacy Practice 5
Dusty Lisi MS
Pharmacy Practice 5
Srujana Rayalam DVM
Pharmaceutical Sciences 5
Elizabeth Levine MA Organizational Development & Leadership 5


Philadelphia Campus


First Name Last Name   Department Years of Service
Linda Miller   Continuing Education 45
Pamela Ruoff MS Institutional Advancement 35
Michael Venditto DO Pulmonary Critical Care 35
Desiree Carriker   Financial Aid 30
Monica Jones BS Student Health Records 30
Deborah McKerrow   HCC - Laporte 30
Izola David DO Provost's Office 25
Katherine Galluzzi DO Geriatrics 25
Andy Mueller MBA Financial Reporting & Planning 25
Susan Neborak   Marketing and Communications 25
Barbara Williams-Page DO HCC - Cambria 25
Scott Berray   Academic Technologies 20
Bruce Fairfield   Academic Technologies 20
John Haydt   Information Technology Services 20
Nathan Pinkney   In-House Counsel 20
Sabrina Trapp BS Bio-Medical Sciences 20
Christopher Cline   Standardized Patient Program 15
Stephanie Ferretti MLS Library 15
Jane Meng MBA Financial Reporting & Planning 15
Juanita Outlaw-Bedford   Financial Reporting & Planning 15
Kelise Sample   HCC - Lancaster Ave. 15
Lindon Young PhD Bio-Medical Sciences 15
Shaun Carlin   Telecommunications 10
Peter Cianci CPA Financial Reporting & Planning 10
Crystal Custus   Registrar 10
Joanne Kakaty-Monzo DO Obstetrics 10
Brandon McGee DBA Financial Reporting & Planning 10
Brian Penza DO General Internal Medicine 10
Brian Rudd   Standardized Patient Program 10
Allana Taylor   Patient Billing 10
Donald Allison II, DO OMM & OPP 5
Peter Bidey DO Family Medicine 5
Danielle Butler   HCC - Cambria 5
Nadine Carr   Physician Assistant 5
Charmaine Chan DO HCC - Roxborough 5
Kerin Claeson PhD Bio-Medical Sciences 5
Timothy Diamond   Printing Solutions 5
Melanie Fields   Clinical Psychology 5
David Fuller DO OMM & OPP 5
Ernest Gelb DO HCC - Laporte 5
Kurt Jn Marie MS Information Technology Services 5
Joseph Leflar   Maintenance and Utilities 5
Marie-Renee Malvoisin   GME Administration 5
Marianne Mancini MPA Institutional Advancement 5
Kathryn Mastoridis   Institutional Advancement 5
Julia Nelson Delaney   Bursar's Office 5
Erik Polan DO General Internal Medicine 5
Sara Seutter   Division of Research 5
Robin Smith   Information Technology Services 5
Katy Tresco-Smiley PhD School Psychology 5
Matthew Weinberg MB Standardized Patient Program 5
Margaret Wilkins DO OPTI Med Net 5
Kevin Zajac   Admissions & Recruitment 5