Doctor of Physical Therapy
Georgia Campus

Cost of Attendance (COA) is the estimated amount it will cost to attend Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. COA figures include tuition & fees, books & supplies and reasonable costs for living expenses. Figures are estimated and can change at any time.



2018-2019 Estimated Cost of Attendance

  1st Year
Tuition and Fees1  
Tuition $28,325
School Fee $750
Books, Supplies, and Equipment  
Books & Supplies $2,000
Instruments & Equipment $3,350
Living Expenses2  
Living Expenses $28,452
Students are charged tuition and school fees each term. Tuition rates generally increase by three percent (3%) each year. If students are paying any portion of their tuition out-of-pocket, they must make payment directly to the PCOM Bursar Office by each term's tuition due dates.
Living expenses include reasonable costs for room (rent, utilities), board (food, groceries, necessities), school-related transportation (car insurance, gasoline, public transit), health insurance, personal expenses and student loan fees.
When student loan and scholarship payments disburse to PCOM, they first pay toward a student's tuition and fee charges. Students then receive any remaining funds as “refunds” to help them meet their personal living expenses. View Disbursements and Refunds for more detailed information.