Sigma Xi

Sigma Xi is a scientific research society comprised of more than 500 chapters at universities and colleges, government laboratories, and industrial research centers.

Sigma Xi's scientists and engineers, whose research spans the spectrum of science and technology, conduct symposia, seminars, forums, workshops and educational programs. In addition, Sigma Xi publishes American Scientist monthly. Membership in Sigma Xi is open to scientists, faculty and non-faculty, and students who want to promote all aspects of science and technology.

The PCOM chapter of Sigma Xi holds quarterly meetings and sponsors a variety of research seminars to highlight ongoing research at PCOM and in the greater Delaware Valley. Our chapter gives a research award each spring for outstanding research at PCOM. Anyone who has done research and is interested should contact an officer to apply.

To join or to learn more, contact the current President, Susan Hingley, Ph.D., or Secretary, Mei Xu, M.D., Ph.D. You may also contact the Sigma Xi website.


Denah Appelt, Ph.D.
Brian Balin, Ph.D.
Robert Barsotti, Ph.D.
Marcus Bell, Ph.D.
Ruth Borghaei, Ph.D.
Ahmad Cader, M.S.
Qian Chen, Ph.D.
Farzaneh Daghigh, Ph.D.
Marina D'Angelo, Ph.D.

Jane Dumsha, Ph.D.
Frederick J. Goldstein, Ph.D.
Charlotte H. Greene, Ph.D.
Christine Hammond, M.S.
Cathy Hatcher, Ph.D.
Susan Hingley, Ph.D.

Christopher Scott Little, Ph.D.
Michael McGuinness, Ph.D.
Heather Montie, Ph.D.
Dawn Shell, Ph.D.
Peggy Stewart, Ph.D.
Mei Xu, Ph.D.
Lindon Young, Ph.D.