Research Space and Equipment
Philadelphia Campus

On PCOM's Philadelphia campus, there is a total of 9,536 square feet of space and 1,250 linear feet of bench top space dedicated to basic science research housed across five floors in Evans Hall.

The facilities provide the technology that can work with the smallest molecular units to in-vivo studies. Research focus in neuroscience, cardiovascular disease and development, cell signaling, infectious disease, neuromuscular development and disease, cancer biology, bone and joint dysfunction, and drug development are conducted in the PCOM research space.

PCOM research laboratory bench

Of the 9,536 square feet of research space, 5,176 square feet are distributed as individual workspace for PIs, research technicians, and students. Another 2,110 square feet of space provides several workrooms for cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology and physiological analysis, procedures, and data acquisition available for shared operations.

There are several rooms distributed in Evans Hall to support biochemical/molecular biology separations/isolations, manipulations, analytical measurements, and data acquisition. Appropriate support/utilities, including analytical scales, two autoclaves, several sources for ultrapure water and cryostorage and other types of cold storage (from refrigeration to ultra-cold), are distributed and accessible to PIs and research support staff.

Two imaging suites of about 2,500 square feet house a variety of imaging technology, including several epifluorescent and light microscopes, an Olympus confocal microscope, and a Jeol 1200 CX transmission electron microscope. TA Visualsonics Vevo 1100 ultrasound imaging system is available for non-invasive assessments.