Research Space and Equipment
Georgia Campus

Our Georgia facilities include a total of 12,000 square feet of space dedicated to basic science research that is distributed between two locations—the main Georgia campus and a satellite research campus.

On-campus research space includes 5,500 square feet of research laboratory space, with the capacity to build out another 3,000 square feet as needed. This space includes several work areas that include three cell culture rooms.

Two molecular biology work stations are located in two rooms that include one real-time PCR machine and thermo cycler, two transfection systems, eight gel electrophoresis work stations, and four immuno-blotting work stations.

Lastly, an infrared imaging system is located in one of the lab rooms. In addition, there are two full-time research assistants dedicated to managing laboratories. At any given time, this space is shared by up to 16 active faculty researchers.

Access to several other institutions for specialized methods is offered in addition to the GA-PCOM research facilities.