Physician Assistant Studies (MS) Program Data






Acceptance and Matriculation 


*Cumulative undergraduate GPA of class of 2016 (based on 4.0 scale) = 3.73

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Class of 2016 


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Program Costs


Physician Assistant Studies (MS) Program Costs
Total Program Cost $86,633
Percentage of Students Receiving Finanical Aid in 2015-2016 83.65
Average Indebtedness of Students Graduated Between 9/1/15 and 8/31/16 $75,392

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Mean Time to Completion


*New students admitted in 2014 = 55, general program length = 26 months 

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Comprehensive Review 

*Comprehensive assessment is on a 4.0 scale for each class at the end of the institutional program which includes written examination, board reviews and a clinical studies test. 


PANCE Summary 

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Employment Data


*Surveys are open from April to September of each year. Data based on survey return rate of 68 percent.

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