With Gratitude

        “Dr. Schure has always been a strong supporter of the research efforts at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine—ever willing to help promote our work and share his enthusiasm for our novel approaches to Alzheimer’s disease and other research within the Center for Chronic Disorders of Aging remains outstanding. But even more impressive to me is Dr. Schure’s compassion and humanity for everyone in the institution. He is always welcoming, positive and supportive. I will never forget how he reached out to me with great concern and caring a number of years ago when I was suffering through some issues with my eyes. His empathy was and is palpable, a great gift to me and our entire community—an enduring legacy.”
Brian J. Balin, PhD, Professor of Pathology and Microbiology, Department of Bio-Medical Sciences, and Director of the Center for Chronic Disorders of Aging

        “Thank you, Dr. Schure, for your inspiration and vision for the health of our country. I have been grateful for your commitment to the advancement of osteopathic medicine, your sincere support of my endeavors and your desire to shine a light on the PCOM community. Thank you for your warm spirit and bright smile.”
Jay Bhatt, DO ’08, MPH, MPA, FACP, Managing Deputy Commissioner, Chicago Department of Public Health; Internist, Erie Family Health Center; and Physician, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University

        “Great leaders are unique and rare; they possess multiple qualities. They are effective communicators, listeners and motivators. Great leaders are trustworthy, responsible and organized; they possess a vision for the future and are guided daily by their beliefs and convictions. Matthew Schure, PhD, has all of these qualities and characteristics and so many more. I have had the great pleasure, despite living and practicing in Bedford, Pennsylvania, of meeting, working with and discussing many topics with Dr. Schure regarding osteopathic medicine and its future. Dr. Schure will always have my respect as a great leader of my alma mater, and even more so, as my friend.”
Elliott J. Bilofsky, DO ’87, FAOCO, Otolaryngologist, Head and Neck Surgeon; Director of Medical Education, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center – Bedford Memorial, Everett, Pennsylvania

        “What I appreciate the most about Dr. Schure is the fact that he knew me by name from the first time he came to visit Georgia Campus – Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. I was a member of the campus’s inaugural class, and while it was an exciting time in the College’s history, it was also a challenging time. Dr. Schure made numerous visits to GA–PCOM and always wanted to hear my class’s feedback. He celebrated our successes and listened and responded to our concerns. He was genuine in all his interactions and was clearly invested in the success of GA–PCOM—and in each of us as individual students.”
Debbie Bjork, DO ’10 (GA–PCOM) Mental Healthcare Professional, Blythewood, South Carolina

        “Matthew Schure as president and chief executive officer has been a blessing for Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. His vision, leadership, sensitivity and creativity have catapulted the institution into a class by itself. Those of us who have served with him in various roles can and should feel proud that we are part of his legacy. I wish him—and his family—continued blessings, peace of mind and happiness as this journey ends and a new one begins.”
J. Steven Blake, DO ’89, MSc, FACOI , President and CEO, , Blake Gastroenterology Associates, LLC; Member, PCOM Board of Trustees

        “I have been associated with Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine since the early 1980s, first as a student and a resident and later as a faculty mentor and a member of the surgical residency training team. In some ways this was a difficult time for PCOM as medical delivery and academic systems were rapidly changing. For several years life took me away from the College, but eventually brought me back as part of the Georgia Campus – PCOM team. I returned to find an institution that had a strong, focused and positive direction. Faculty and staff were proud to be part of the team, and energetic dynamic students were proudly wearing the PCOM logo. I was also working in a brand new educational center, in an area of the country needing what osteopathic medicine could bring to improve primary care. The College already had in place discussions of the next step in expanded health care education. When I look back to find the catalyst for change and the resolve to support it happening, a common thread is revealed. Dr. Schure joined PCOM during my hiatus. I had returned to a campus under his leadership that had grown strong, reached out and advanced, understood needs and took the steps necessary to make things happen.
        PCOM is where it is now in no small measure because of Dr. Schure. Though he will never really leave the “PCOM family” and is only increasing our daily distance apart, he can be assured that those of us left behind remain on his solid ground.”
H. William Craver III, DO ’87, Dean and Chief Academic Officer, Osteopathic Medical Program, GA–PCOM

       “Many adjectives are used to describe leaders: focused, inspiring, determined, visionary. But seldom do we hear about leaders being gracious. That was the first characteristic that struck me when I started working with Matt Schure. Our paths might cross several times a day in meetings and other campus events, and each time Matt would extend his hand to offer a genuine welcome. It was to say, ‘I am glad you are here.’ He always meant it, and he still does. As we worked together on the Strategic Plan, Georgia Campus – PCOM and endless accreditation reviews, I learned the true definition of a warmly inclusive collegial management style.
       When I would drop off a draft document, Matt’s review was always painstakingly complete, but also amazingly prompt. Even my most verbose narratives were treated to a detailed review—not in days or weeks, but within hours. It is just another way that Matt shows thanks and respect for the work that has been done by his team. Differences of opinion are a part of life in academia. To Matt, they are an opportunity to listen and find common ground. From his example, I learned the difference between management and leadership. I have also learned that the rarest and most valuable talent of a leader is that ability to develop other leaders. Thank you, Matt. It’s been an honor.”
Robert G. Cuzzolino, EdD, Vice President for Graduate Programs and Planning

       “Matt has been instrumental in providing vision and strategic direction for the past 13 years at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and deserves the accolades that accompany those feats. In addition to his work accomplishments, I have observed and appreciated another side of our president. From day one, I have observed Matt to be a very compassionate individual who truly cares about others. He takes the time from his duties to personally reach out to members of the PCOM community to congratulate them, to offer words of encouragement, to send get well wishes or condolences. It is most impressive that during the times we live in, when everyone is quick to send an electronic message, Matt continues to take the time to handwrite eloquent notes with sincere and heartfelt content. Matt will be truly missed.”
Peter Doulis, CPA, Vice President for Finance and , Chief Financial Officer

       “I am honored to have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Schure during a good part of his tenure at PCOM. Shortly after arrival, he initiated a new strategic planning process, setting the course of the College for the next decade. Many good ideas were formulated—particularly opening a branch campus. So it began: initial planning, the purchase of property, hiring of faculty and staff, and finally the acceptance of the first class of DO students. The challenges were many, but with Dr. Schure’s guidance, GA–PCOM has continued to grow and thrive. At the same time, the main campus in Philadelphia is stronger than ever. I’ve watched the College’s academic programs continue to grow over the years, and I’ve witnessed Dr. Schure’s commitment to the success of each one. The reputation of PCOM on both a local and national level has never been better. Dr. Schure will be missed by all; however, he leaves a strong foundation upon which the College can begin the next chapter in its history.”
Carol A. Fox, MM, Retired Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management

       “Dr. Schure’s commitment to social justice and his integrity were never more apparent to me than at the College’s first Martin Luther King, Jt. Awards Ceremony. I watched him embrace alumni and award recipients with genuine affection and respect. Speaking with him after the event, it was clear that creating an inclusive environment at PCOM and laying the groundwork so that we could continue this work were very important to him. Although I have always respected Dr. Schure as an effective leader and a genuinely caring individual, that night solidified my sense of him as an individual of values and vision. He leaves PCOM a stronger, better institution for having graced us with his leadership.”
Elizabeth A. Gosch, PhD, ABPP, Professor and Director, MS Program in Mental Health Psychology

       “Dr. Schure stood by me during one of the most difficult times in my life, offering insight and guidance at a time when I needed it most. He is a mentor in the truest sense of the word.”
Robert C. Greer V, DO ’12 (GA–PCOM)

       “At the time when Dr. Schure became president, I was serving as a student council class representative. I was organizing a fundraiser for which my group was having afghans made and adorned with the school seal. It was my job to obtain Dr. Schure’s permission to allow usage of the school seal. When I met Dr. Schure in his office, he graciously signed the required paperwork. Then, without hesitation, he wrote a check to purchase the first afghan. I knew at that moment that he had a big heart, and I trusted that he would make a great leader for the College.”
Carl Hoegerl, DO ’01 , Chair of Internal Medicine, Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine

       “From the moment I met Matt Schure, I realized his exemplary leadership as he transformed the vision of the PCOM community, having an Office of Diversity and Compliance. Since my arrival at PCOM, Matt has been truly amazing; he has welcomed me into the community with open arms and supported the ideas and initiatives of my office. I would like to offer this message to Matt: Best wishes for your retirement. May you enjoy it even more than you enjoyed your time at PCOM. Thank you for being an excellent example for me; you have inspired me more than you’ll ever know.”
Lisa M. McBride, PhD, Chief Diversity Officer

       “I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Matt Schure, PhD, since 2000, when he first came to us from New York. I was in charge of the selection committee that picked Matt, and having grown up in New York, and being familiar with his former school, I felt a certain kinship right from the beginning. I have watched Matt grow in his abilities, and I have been impressed by his insightful intuition when handling challenges and confrontations as well as opportunities and great successes. He has done this all while building a larger, more successful, more diverse and more dynamic institution than the one that was here when he first arrived. He achieved all this without losing sight of the responsibility to his family and his extended family—the students, teachers and staff here at PCOM.”
Paul W. McGloin, LLD (Hon.), Chairman, PCOM Board of Trustees

       “In the midst of economic uncertainty and unprecedented changes in the field of medicine, Dr. Schure has the unique ability to bring a sense of peace and reassurance simply in the way in which he interacts with students and faculty. He has truly left an indelible impression of integrity and compassion within the student body and the whole PCOM family.”
Valerie L. Moore (DO ’15)

       “I view Dr. Schure as a living example of a servant leader. God and our abundant universe brought Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine the right person at the right time in Dr. Schure. He is a tremendous husband, father and educator. I am so proud to call him my friend.”
Luke G. Nelligan, DO ’91 , Physician, Excell for Life Family Care and Pediatrics, Indianapolis, Indiana; Past President, Alumni Association of PCOM

       “I have always been inspired by Dr. Schure’s focus on community. I do my best to uphold his philosophy here in the School of Pharmacy—that PCOM faculty, staff, administration and students are more than just an organization. We are like family and are bonded by a common goal to educate and train so as to improve the quality of life for all those we serve.”
Mark P. Okamoto, PharmD, Dean and Chief Academic Officer and Professor of Pharmacy, PCOM School of Pharmacy – Georgia Campus

       “After the PCOM Board of Trustees made a commitment to open Georgia Campus – PCOM, it soon fell to Dr. John Fleischmann and me to help introduce Dr. Schure to the various mores and folkways of Pennsylvania’s sister state. Seeking to reassure Dr. Schure that he’d fit right in, I reminded him that Benjamin Franklin had been agent for the Colony of Georgia from 1768 to 1774; he seemed sufficiently impressed, even inspired. Our most challenging times were always trying to explain the unique ‘culture’ of the state capital, where politics are more art than science—and in helping Dr. Schure navigate the culinary delights of the region, particularly the sweet tea and the ‘meat and three’ menus of the wiregrass and swamps of far South Georgia. Invariably, he’d simply flash that trademark grin and shake his head in disbelief. Yet beyond diet and dialect, I learned early that Dr. Schure did translate well in Georgia, where his tremendous love for students, personal integrity, strong faith and unwavering commitment to the PCOM vision have helped to build a legacy of which ol’ Ben would surely be proud. Blessings, Mr. President!”
Mark Sanders, Georgia Government Relations Counsel

       “A leader, a motivator, a friend—Dr. Schure always opened his door to the entire community, and to us, the students, he opened his heart.”
Mike Tecce (DO ’15)

       “Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine has been most fortunate to have the right president at the right time. Each president has brought his unique skill set to the school for growth and expansion and at times, survival. Matt has been the right president for PCOM for the past 13 years. He has brought experience and intelligence to navigate the College into its current multi-campus, multi-program environment, positioning us well for the next decade of future challenges and growth.”
Kenneth J. Veit, DO ’76, MBA, Provost, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean

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