Respecialization in School Psychology

In response to respecialization requests, the PCOM school psychology faculty works with prospective candidates to evaluate prior coursework and supervised field experiences in order to outline an individualized program for licensed psychologists to respecialize in school psychology. These candidates have completed degree programs in clinical or counseling psychology.



Program Overview

The individualized program of study and additional school-based field experiences are designed to prepare the individual to meet the requirements for school psychology certification established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. This review of prior credentials is based upon national standards for graduate preparation in school psychology. Candidates must be able to demonstrate skills and competencies consistent with requirements outlined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The PCOM programs in school psychology also adhere to national standards in school psychology and use the National Association of School Psychologists’ (NASP) Model for Comprehensive and Integrated School Psychological Services as the framework for coursework, field experiences, and assessments.

In most case, respecialization candidates will be required to take at least eight to 10 courses at PCOM, as well as complete a supervised school-based internship. Specific requirements will vary, according to the candidate’s prior academic coursework and field experiences.

A typical course of study for respecialization would include the following courses:

SPSY 501 – Professional School Psychology (MS)
SPSY 507 – Exceptional Child: Psychological/Educational Implications (MS)
SPSY 510 – Learning: Theory & Application (MS)
SPSY 511 – Curriculum Instruction & Educational Leadership (MS)
SPSY 515 – Assessment II:  Educational Assessment (EdS)
SPSY 635 – Advanced Assessment, Prevention, and Intervention (PsyD)
SPSY 641 – Neuropsychology in the Schools
SPSY 519 – Consultation and Collaboration in School Settings (EdS)
SPSY 517 – Academic and Behavioral Interventions (EdS)
SPSY 520 – Effective Prevention and Crisis Intervention (EdS)
SPSY 561/562 or SPSY 686/687 – Internship Seminar in School Psychology

Application Process

Individuals applying for respecialization in school psychology in PCOM will meet with program faculty to conduct a review of prior coursework and field experiences. A plan describing courses, field experiences, and assessments is then developed. All respecialization candidates are required to complete the assessments required for graduation from the Educational Specialist program in school psychology: Praxis II exam, internship portfolio, and case study requirements.

Contact Us

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