The underlying concept of the Inaugural theme is to modernize the focal messaging of the College’s Seal and Coat of Arms (circa 1925 and 1938, respectively). The theme nods to the Latin motto Mens et Manus (mind and hand) to stress a cohesive institutional identity and College community, and to portray strength in a single forward-moving institutional vision that will be established under Dr. Feldstein’s leadership.


The words accompany a special event emblem. The graphic pattern of the emblem is circular in nature to show wholeness and is constructed of shields (simplified from the original College Seal and Coat of Arms). Eight shields—one for each of the College’s presidents—contain three triangles.


The triangles are symbolic of the three segments of the human vertebral column and also of the holism of body-mind-spirit. This holism is significant to the osteopathic identity. They also conjure the structure of the College’s three-pronged instructional, research, and service missions. As triangles do, they represent an eternal, unending nature—a convergence of the past, present, and future. And ultimately, the triangles represent a three-fold vision for the institution—or three components that come together to form a whole: one College, one community, one vision.