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SGA Welcome

Welcome to PCOM! The Student Government Association (SGA) at PCOM is an active and dynamic group of student leaders from each of PCOM’s unique academic programs. We represent our fellow students, advocating on their behalf, organizing social and philanthropic events, and constantly striving to improve the student experience at PCOM. The PCOM SGA is made up of the Student Senate, the Student Councils of each academic program, and the Student Organizations Council. There is no shortage of leadership, research, and volunteer opportunities at PCOM, and with the help of our outstanding staff and faculty working as our advisors and mentors we are able to enact tangible changes on our campus and in our surrounding communities. We hope you can join us this year in our endeavors! Welcome to the PCOM Family!


Mark Cassano

Chair, Student Government Association Student Senate

3rd Year Clinical Psy.D.


Douglas Anderson
Last Updated: 1/20/15