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Medical History Questionnaire

What is the Medical History Questionnaire?

The Medical History Questionnaire, or health physical, is a form that needs to be completed by your physician before classes begin.


Is the Medical History Questionnaire really required?

The Medical History Questionnaire form is required before classes begin from students in the DO, PA, Biomedical Sciences, and Forensic Medicine programs.


Why is the Medical History Questionnaire necessary?

Upon matriculation as a student at PCOM, your involvement in professional studies commits you to all the duties and responsibilities of your degree program.  For this reason, we require students to complete a mandatory physical examination and health history.  This is a requirement of many sites where you will train, and also involves safety in our labs.


Does the student health insurance plan pay for the cost of the Medical History Questionnaire?

No, PCOM's student group health insurance does not cover the required pre-enrollment physical, blood work, immunizations, or any component of the Medical History Questionnaire.


Where can I obtain the Medical History Questionnaire form?

The Medical History Questionnaire form can be found on the new student section of Nucleus.  If you have any questions about the form, please contact the Student Wellness Office at 215-871-6420 (Philadelphia Campus) or 678-225-7484 (Georgia Campus) 


Who do I return the Medical History Questionnaire to?

Philadelphia Students should send to:               Georgia Students should send to:


PCOM-Student Wellness Office                        PCOM Student Wellness Office

4190 City Line Avenue                                   625 Old Peachtree Road NW

Philadelphia, PA19131                                   Suwanee, GA 30024


Last Updated: 1/20/15