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Whether you're looking to live alone in an apartment or share a house with friends, the area around both campuses offers many choices to ensure that your needs and preferences are satisfied. 

As a student of PCOM, you are given access to extensive housing resources through Nucleus, the online student portal.  If you are looking for a roommate, an apartment, or just student feedback about living options, access the PCOM Housing Group to get all of your questions answered!

To access the PCOM Housing Group:

1.  Login to Nucleus (new students, your Nucleus login information will arrive by mail with your "Getting Started" binder approximately 8 weeks after you return your first deposit).

2.  If you are a new student, locate the "Student Housing" channel on the "New Student" tab.

If you are a current student, locate the "Student Housing" channel on your "References" tab.

3.  In the "Student Housing" channel, find the "PCOM Student Housing Group" link.  Click on it to explore the resources available to you!


Best of luck with your housing search!

Last Updated: 1/20/15