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  Student Affairs

Academic & Personal Support at PCOM


PCOM students are intelligent and passionate individuals, who in addition to their dedication to their academic-professional goals, are very devoted to a variety of community-societal issues. We understand that it can be often challenging to balance the rigors of the PCOM academic curricula with other factors in our students' lives. To support our students in reaching their goals, the Office of Student Affairs coordinates access to a variety of academic and personal support services. 

Academic Support

As a student at PCOM, you will benefit from an academic support system that is proactive in providing anticipated resources and reactive to your own needs. PCOM faculty members are available to provide help and support. In addition, seminars on study strategies and learning styles, as well as peer mentoring are provided to students on both campuses. The Library also provides many web-based services to help students with the courses.

Disability Accommodations

Students that require special testing or learning accommodations are provided with the services they need to be successful at PCOM. We will work with you to ensure that your documentation is complete, and that your accommodations are met. If you have questions, feel free to call (215) 871-6870.

Personal Advice & Counsel

On both campuses, the Student Affairs staff is available to provide support and guidance to any PCOM student. Topics discussed with students who stop by the office can range from talking about ways to manage the stress that comes from trying to balance the competing priorities in a student's life, to just sharing some good news or a funny story. It is important for our students to know that we are always available, and that their academic and personal success is our priority.

Last Updated: 1/20/15