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How many weeks are in a term?
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine has three terms or trimesters in an academic year that runs from August to the end of May. Each term is 13 weeks in length.
How can I find out what courses are available each trimester?
To find out course schedule, use the Schedule of Classes
How do I register for classes?
Students must register on-line using Nucleus web services
Can I register if I owe funds to the institution?
Students will not be allowed to register for the next term if there are any financial obligations to the Institution.
How can I find out my grades?
Formal grade reports are not sent to the students. Students can review their grades by viewing them on-line using Nucleus web services.
How do I request transcript?
Alumni and previously enrolled students must complete a transcript request form.
How can I obtain Enrollment Verification?
Various forms from health insurance, employers and lending agencies may be sent to Registrars's office via mail or fax at 215-871-6649. Students may also complete our enrollment verification form and fax to our office at 215-871-6649.
How do I change my name on my academic record?
A student requesting a name change must submit a Change of Name form with legal documentation such as marriage license, divorce decree, Court order and submitting to the Registrar's office at: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Registrar's Office, 4190 City Avenue, RH 203, Philadelphia, PA 19131.
How do I change my address?
A student may change address on-line using Nucleus web services
Can I submit requests for verifications over the phone or by e-mail?
No, any verification requests must be done so in writing by completing the appropriate enrollment request form.
How do I apply for ACT 48 credits be sent to the State of Pennsylvania?
An ACT 48 application must be submitted to the Registrar's office requesting submission of grades to the PA Department of Education. Students must apply each term for these courses to be submitted.
Do students have to apply for graduation?
Yes, all students must make formal application for degree conferral to the Registrar's office. Click here for form.
Last Updated: 3/5/15