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PSYCHOLOGY JOURNAL COLLECTION - SAGE Psychology Journals is a searchable database of the full text of 35 journals published by SAGE and participating societies. It includes over 21,600 articles, 459 volumes, and 541, 250 pages.
July/August 2006
The Library will close Labor Day, Sept 4th.
Space Renovation Update
The 2nd floor journal stack area on the Philadelphia campus has been converted to study space. The renovation project has added 55 new  seats at pinwheel carrels, single carrels, and study tables, more than doubling the available seating. The most recent 3 years of titles received in print occupy the shelving that rims the perimeter.
Discarded Journals
Many of the discarded journals were shipped to a new medical school in Sierra Leone, Africa. The United Nations provided the funds to cover shipping costs. 
May/June 2006
Download Lexi-Comp Drugs for PDA
We have expanded our online license to provide PDA downloads for both Palm and Pocket PC devices.  In a recent study of 11 PDA products, Lexi-Drugs was rated #1 compared to ePocrates (#4) and MobileMDX (#9). The rating was based on six criteria: up-to-date information, evidence-based dosing information for labeled and unlabeled indications, side effects, drug interactions, herbals and nutritional supplements, and special features (Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics 2005, 78(1):7-18)
New Electronic Resources
Current Reports journals provide systematic reviews of current advances in 13 core clinical areas ranging from allergy to urology. Search "current reports" in Journal Search for a list of titles.
Science Classic provides full text PDF access to the entire Science archive back to 1880. 
April 2006
Wilderness Medicine Newsletters
In response to student requests, PCOM has entered a 2006 subscription to Wilderness Medicine Newsletters. Users should search Journal Search to find the title, make note of the user name and password provided, and link to the web site. The newsletter addresses principles and practice of extended care and rescue for wilderness, marine, travel and disaster medicine.
Additional Study Seating in Phila.
Watch for the impending arrival of 3 new study tables in the Audiovisual Room on the Phila. campus. Thanks go to staff for reorganizing the AV collection and space.
March 2006
DynaMed Subscription
Based on positive response to the DynaMed trial, PCOM has entered a subscription to this evidence-based clinical resource. Student reviewers praised the bullet format, easy navigation, "Tests to Order" and "Rule Out" sections, clear clinical directives, links to article abstracts, and availability of ICD codes and patient education resources.
DynaMed is available online and for the Palm or Pocket PC. E-mail Library from your PCOM email account to request a registration code. Please enter "DynaMed PDA" in the subject line.
February 2006   
New Educational Resource
Simbryo is a web-based center of animated embryological processes. It offers original vector art animations depicting some of the most difficult embryological developments using Flash. The seven Simbryo modules of normal development, including Early Development, Cardiovascular, Genitourinary, Gastrointestinal, Pulmonary, Head and Neck, and Limbs, present a systems-based approach to embryology. Select cardiovascular, neural tube, and limb defects are depicted as well.

Springer E-Journal Collection
PCOM is newly subscribed to the Springer e-journal collection that contains more than 1,300 full text titles in the areas of biomedicine, business & management, education, humanities, psychology, public health, and social sciences. To see a list of titles, click on Journal Search, click the Index tab, and then SpringLink (View Titles).

January 2006
 DynaMed Trial
Need clinical information? Search DynaMed during our Dec-Jan trial. DynaMed has been favorably compared to UpToDate and Clinical Evidence, and received excellent reviews, most recently in a randomized trial reported in the December issue of Annals of Family Medicine. It was shown to be particularly effective in answering primary care questions, and unlike some currently available resources, it is updated on a daily basis. Please send feedback
Library. Should we subscribe?       

December 2005

Osteopathic Medical Education in the United States: Improving the Future of Medicine is available electronically on the AACOM web site. Print copies will soon be available at the PCOM Library on both campuses. This extensive special report (over 450 pages) was co-sponsored by AACOM and AOA and is based on an analysis of survey responses from over 1,800 DO 4th year  medical students, 900 residents, 125 residency directors, and the academic Deans.  
PubMed LinkOut
Users can access the LinkOut display for a citation by clicking "Links" and selecting "LinkOut from the pull-down menu.

November 2005
imagesMD for Lectures & Presentations

Given positive faculty review, we have subscribed to images.MD over 50,000 high-quality images (histology, pathology, radiographs, original artworks, graphs, tables, etc) spanning all of internal medicine. Each image is accompanied by detailed and informative text. By filling out a simple registration form, you can customize the product, start your own image library and create PowerPoint® presentations of images in your library. A permanent link has been added to Select Educational Resources box. 

New Book List
You can now view new titles added to the collection when you click on the New Books tab in the PCOM Library Catalog. You can limit by campus, time period from 1 to 4 weeks, and collection: reference, reserve, general book, or AV.

October 2005
Open-access Impact
PLoS Biology is assessed to have an impact factor of 13.9* by ISI which places it among the most highly cited journals in the life sciences, above such established journals as EMBO, Current Biology, and PNAS. Link to the Public Library of Science and BioMedCentral, both open access publishers, from E-Journal quick links.

OMM Table
Visit the Library conference room to see an antique OMM table contributed by Dr & Mrs Galen Young, Jr.  The table was used by Dr Young's father, Dr. Young, Sr, and made by Dr. Young's grandfather in 1920 of Lancaster County walnut.

PubMed LinkOut links patrons directly from a PubMed citation to the full-text of an article in institutionally licensed collections [OVID, Science Direct, Ebsco, etc] or a print holdings statement. Users can access the LinkOut display for a citation by clicking  “Links” and selecting "LinkOut" from the pull-down menu. It can also be accessed by clicking the Abstract icon and then "PCOM LinkSource." LinkOut will greatly facilitate access to full text resources.  Link from the PubMed LinkOut link under Databases on the Digital Library home page.
September 2005
The National Library of Medicine has posted a Hurricane Katrina related environmental health web site. In addition, MedlinePlus® contains many Health Topic pages with disaster-related information including Coping with Disasters, Disasters & Emergency Preparedness, Drinking Water, and  Molds.

PubMed LinkOut links patrons directly from a PubMed citation to the full-text of an article in institutionally licensed collections [OVID, Science Direct, Ebsco, etc] or a print holdings statement. Users can access the LinkOut display for a citation by clicking "Links" and selecting "LinkOut" from the pull-down menu. It can also be accessed by clicking the Abstract icon and then "PCOM LinkSource." LinkOut will greatly facilitate access to full text resources.  Link from the PubMed LinkOut link under Databases on the Digital Library home page. 
July/August 2005
Use of Science Direct reached an all time high in August when 739 full text articles were downloaded by PCOM users [average monthly use is 483]. Downloads included 483 regular subscribed articles, 53 articles from backfile collections, 193 from subject collections and 10 non-subscribed. 
June 2005
New E-Journals - Search "Sage" as a publisher in Journal Search for a list of 40 psychology related titles newly added to the collection.
May 2005
Unlimited users! Access Medicine & Stat Ref contain great clinical and basic science texts but restrictive licensing precluded their being used as required or recommended readings for our large DO and PA classes. No longer! New licensing allows unlimited simultaneous users. Faculty, check out these core titles and consider using them in your courses. 
Studying for Boards? Finished with Exam MasterAccess Medicine's Lange Self Assessment Tool gives you free access to an additional 1,000 questions, the ability to customize exams, and recommended readings based on your test results. See National Boards Study Resources.
New! American Hospital Directory provides online data including profiles, Medicare claims data, and hospital cost reports for over 6,000 hospitals. Access is both IP and Username and Password controlled. Email Library for login information. 
Chiropractic and Osteopathy, the newest Open Access journal in BioMed Central  is ready to receive manuscripts on all aspects of evidence-based information that is clinically relevant to osteopathic physicians, chiropractors, and related health care professionals. PCOM is an institutional member of BMC so author charges are waived. http://www.chiroandosteo.com/
SPIRAL -  Selected Patient Information Resources in Asian Languages is a Web site with detailed health information in seven Asian languages, specifically Chinese, Hmong, Khmer, Korean, Laotian, Thai and Vietnamese. Created at Tuft's University School of Medicine, it is a unique multi-language health information site for both physicians and patients. (http://spiral.tufts.edu)
April 2005
Great "GIVE A BOOK" Campaign
Our effort to collect new and used children's books for distribution during National Library Week was a great success! The PCOM community donated 600 books, 40 videos, and $80 to the effort. The books will be given away at the Roxborough, Cambria, and Lancaster Avenue Health Care Centers, and on-campus at City Line Pediatrics and the Family Medicine offices. Thank you all!

National Library Week April 11 – 15
Yes, there will be amnesty for overdue fines on all materials returned this week, and chocolates at the Circulation Desk.

And popular fiction! The Activities Group has purchased a small collection of paperback novels for staff, faculty and students.  We have love stories, mysteries and more. A section of the Reading Room has been earmarked “New Books.” Stop by, browse and take home a best seller. Thank you, Activities Group.

MEDLINE Major Milestone
MEDLINE just reasserted its claim to the title "the world's largest biomedical database" by adding the 15 millionth journal citation. You need some skill to search those 15 million citations effectively. Take 10 minutes to complete the updated OVID MEDLINE TUTORIAL.

Fascinating Resource: Online Archive of American Folk Medicine For more than fifty years, folklorists associated with the University of California, Los Angeles have systematically documented beliefs and practices relating to folk medicine and alternative healthcare. In order to make the data more readily available to the worldwide community of researchers and medical practitioners, the Online Archive of American Folk Medicine was established. The term "folk" medicine includes a variety of beliefs and practices such as home remedies, the activities of traditional healers (e.g., burn doctor, curandero, traiteur, powwower, and wise women), and many therapies that fall under the rubric of complementary and alternative medicine including herbals, laying on of hands, prayer, etc. About 10% of the entries derive from unpublished interviews. Over  1000 medical conditions and 80 kinds of traditional healers are represented. http://www.folkmed.ucla.edu/index.html

March 2005
Science.gov Alert Service
This new alert service launced at the Feb 2005 meeting of the AAAS delivers information about the most current federal science & technology developments to desktops each Monday. Science.gov presents the best science information from 17 science organizations in 12 federal agencies. Two major types of information are included — selected authoritative science Web sites and often hard-to-access scientific databases (specific content varies by database).

This gateway to government science information allows searches across 30 databases and more than 1,700 science Web sites.  Set up an Alert account - each week, you’ll receive up to 25 relevant results. You can choose specific sources to monitor, or select the 'All Sources' option. Science.gov drills down into hard-to-find research information collections, spanning more than 47 million pages of government R&D results.  

NIH Releases New Policy to Speed Access to Research Results
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced on February 3 a new policy designed to accelerate the public's access to published articles resulting from NIH-funded research. The new policy calls on scientists to release to the public manuscripts from research supported by NIH as soon as possible, and within 12 months of final publication. NIH will archive the electronic copy of final manuscripts in PubMed Central. All scientists who receive NIH funding should read the new policy which is available at

February 2005

Faculty – looking for multimedia teaching materials? Have materials to contribute? HEAL, the Health Education Assets Library provides images, illustrations, videos, flash animations, web sites and multi-dimensional "builds" to teach anatomy and complex dynamic principles. In Jan 2005, HEAL began a rigorous peer review of submitted materials to provide recognition for faculty who develop innovative teaching aids. The project is funded by the National Science Foundation. Major contributors include UCLA, the University of Utah, and the National Library of Medicine.  

PsycBooks® (in
EBSCOhost) is a full text database from the American Psychological Association.  It contains 600 APA titles from 1953–2003, including 100 out-of-print book, some 50 archival resources in psychology, and exclusive electronic release of the APA/Oxford University Press Encyclopedia of Psychology with more than 1,500 authored entries.

CINAHL (in OVID) is the Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature. The database will be of particular interest to those in physician assistant studies.

NLM has released  Environmental Health and Toxicology Internet Resource Guides: Indoor Air Pollution, Outdoor Air Pollution, & Toxicogenomics (a new sub discipline that combines the emerging technologies of genomics and bioinformatics to identify and characterize mechanisms of action of known and suspected hazardous substances).
Google Scholar - an exciting feature is citation searching; a "Cited by #" link next to each reference indicates how many times that article has been cited in other articles indexed by Google Scholar, a very useful way of tracing the influence of an article or scholar in their field. For other features see Google Scholar FAQ.
January 2005
Holiday/Cell & Tissue Exam

Students have requested that the Library be open on Monday, Jan 17. With the greatest deference for Dr. King, Library staff will accommodate this request. 

Tsunami websites:
CDC Emergency Preparedness & Response: Tsnunami Provides information on tsunamis including health effects and infectious disease issues. 
Global Health Disaster Network (GHDN): Tsnunami  Lecture on scientific understanding of tsunamis. 
NPR Tsunami latest news, statistics.
Google Library
Five of the world's largest libraries have joined Google in an effort to digitize millions of books and make every sentence searchable. The project involves libraries at Harvard and Stanford Universities, the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and the University of Oxford, as well as the New York Public Library. It could soon turn Google into the single largest holder of digitized published material. For more information on this fascinating effort, see the
Chronicle of Higher Education December 14, 2004 article.

New E-Journals
Expanded Journals@OVID - the new Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Collection contains over 200 clinical titles.  See LWW Total Access Collection for a listing of titles.
Cell is now available through Science Direct. Other SD cell titles are Cell Biology International, Cell Calcium, and Cellular Immunology.
ERIC Education Resources Information Center
ERIC is now available at
EBSCOHost!  The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) is the world's premier database of journal and non-journal education literature. The new ERIC online system contains more than 1 million citations going back to 1966. More than 107,000 full-text non-journal documents (issued 1993-2004), previously available through fee-based services only, are available for free. This month, ERIC will add new bibliographic records and full-text journal and non-journal resources published in 2004. Newly indexed materials that are not available free-of-charge will be made accessible through database links to commercial sources.
PDA User Alert!
InfoRetriever Update The new release for Pocket PC and Palm OS includes 13 new Clinical Decision Rules, dozens of new Diagnostic Test calculators, 196 new History & Physical Test Calculators, over 60 new Cochrane Reviews, about 40 new Evidence Based Practice Guidelines, and much more. There is no need to re-register InfoRetriever after upgrading to the Fall Release. However, in some cases Pocket PC may forget the license code during the upgrade. Pocket PC users may wish to record their  
license code before performing the upgrade, in order to avoid having to repeat the registration process after the upgrade.
WISER (Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders) assists First Responders in hazardous material incidents. Developed by the National Library of Medicine, WISER provides a wide range of information on over 390 hazardous substances, including substance identification support, physical characteristics, human health information, and containment and suppression guidance. A tutorial presents two scenarios, first a known substance leaked during a cargo tanker overturn and second an unknown substance leaking in a warehouse. The site includes FAQ, dowload information, and technical support.
Dissertation Abstracts is now Proquest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT).  New features include: a 24 page PDF dissertation preview in addition to the abstract, email alerting service when new dissertations are added in a specified subject area, and support for downloads into RefWorks. Link from Databases or Psychology pages.

New from our favorite search engine, Google Scholar enables you to search specifically for scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports. Use Google Scholar as a discovery tool to expand your findings beyond your usual database searches.

Holiday Hours
November 24              7:30 am - 9 pm
November 25, 26        CLOSED  
Top Clinical Resources - this new listing highlights top licensed clinical resources.
New Exam Master Content  - Try Exam Master's new High-Yield PowerNotes for USMLE Step 2 and in cardiology. They contain consice, relevant content, review sections, and practice exams. Over 100 students have created personal Exam Master accounts!

Regional Characteristics - Pages for Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York provide useful links to health and vital statistics, health resources, information on special populations and, state library and information resources. Pages were created by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine Middle Atlantic Region. 

RefWorks - more tha 50 users have registered to use this powerful bibliographic management tool!

RefWorks Added - Due to an overwhelmingly positive response to the September trial, the Library has entered an institutional subscription to RefWorks. This Web-based bibliography and database management package is now available for all PCOM faculty, staff, and students to create personal accounts. Direct export of citations from OVID MEDLINE, EBSCOhost, PROQUEST, APA, and other licensed databases has been enabled.
Contact Library to schedule time for an individual or group presentation of RefWorks features, exporting of database search results, and Write-N-Cite integration of references and bibliographies with Word documents.
Breast Cancer Awareness Web Sites
Exam Master Online
The Library has licensed EXAM MASTER Online, a web-based exam preparation and review platform designed to help medical students prepare more effectively for USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 board exams.  EXAM MASTER Online contains over 17,000 multiple choice questions.  more
APA PsycBooks Trial thru October   
is a new full-text database of books and chapters in the American Psychological Association's array of quality electronic databases. It contains 600 books more than 500 APA books with copyright dates from 1950-2003, including 100 out-of-print books; 75 archival resources in psychology; and the exclusive electronic release of more than 1,500 entries from the APA/Oxford University Press Encyclopedia of Psychology.
Exam Master Online
The Library has licensed EXAM MASTER Online, a web-based exam preparation and review platform designed to help medical students prepare more effectively for USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 board exams.  EXAM MASTER Online contains over 17,000 multiple choice questions with detailed explanations, organized using detailed content outlines.  Once students register for individual accounts, they can work through prebuilt exam blocks or create custom exams to target weaker areas identified by summarized subject scores across the medical outline.  A timed Test mode simulates the real exams, while Study mode provides answers, full explanations, and powerful Review/Options. Both individual question and exam scores are instant. Detailed test results and score histories are maintained so students can track their progress.
NBOME's COMLEX-Level 2-PE Video
Learn all about the new 7 hour clinical skills exam from a 27 minute video available for highband width or dial-up viewing (You'll need Real Player to view). The video provides an overview of the exam, ground rules, suggestions, and 2 sample patient interviews. During the course of the exam, students will see 12 patients, have 14 minutes to conduct each physical exam, and 9 minutes to write a SOAP Note. In the video, you will recognize PCOM's Tony Errichetti, PhD, director of the Standardized Patient Program and a key contributor to the exam development. 
RefWorks Trial thru October  
is a Web-based bibliography and database manager that allows you to create a personal database by importing references from text files or online databases. You can easily organize references in folders, and automatically create a bibliography and list of references in seconds. Over 400 formats are available: APA, MLA, NLM, even individual journals indexed in MEDLINE.  You may give collaborators passwords to access individual folders in read only or edit mode. Easy importing and exporting from/to EndNote and Reference Manager.




PCOM's first BioMedCentral article appeared in BMC Physiology in May 2004. Differential expression of E cadherin, N cadherin and beta catenin in proximal and distal segments of the rat nephron  was authored by Denah M Appelt, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of BioMedical Sciences' Neuroscience Division. Co-authors are WC Prozialeck and PC Lamar of Midwestern University. You may link to the full text of the article from PCOM’s BioMedCentral page.

The BMC publishing house is committed to the concept of open access: providing immediate free access to peer-reviewed biological and medical research. PCOM is an institutional member of BMC so all author fees are waived for PCOM faculty and students. Why not submit your next paper to BMC?  BMC publishes over 100 titles in the basic and clinical sciences.   See the List of Titles by Subject and Instructions to Authors.  

 ACP's PIER© - Physicians Information and Education Resource new in StatRef
PIER is a decision-support tool designed for rapid point-of-care delivery of evidence-based guidance for physicians. Modules focus on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Some comments from Annals of Internal Medicine Editorial: "this web-based information-support tool is specifically designed to deliver rapidly accessible, up-to-date, and evidence-based guidance to clinicians. I
t blends the flexibility of electronic media with some of the rigor of systematic reviews and the readability of textbooks.
The disease modules are modeled on the ways that seasoned clinicians think through cases. For example, sections address multiple aspects of medical care, including diagnosis, consultation, hospitalization, drug and nondrug therapy, patient education, and follow-up care. Each section has a few up-front, succinct evidence-based guidance statements for clinicians who are in a hurry" (Badgett RG. Mulrow CD. Welcome, PIER, a new Physicians' Information and Education Resource. Annals of Internal Medicine. 136:553-4, 2002 Apr 2).

Science - fulltext is now available through STKE Signal Transduction K- Environment for the current issue back to 1995. The entire run of earlier issues (back to Volume 1, 1880) is in JSTOR!

UpToDate accounts have been distributed to PCOM interns, residents, and 3rd and 4th year DO students. Email Library@pcom.edu if you did not receive your account.


Lexi-Comp Online
This new licensed resource contains comprehensive drug information supplemented by specialized databases on pediatric and geriatric drugs, natural products, and drug-induced nutrition depletion. Other categories include poisoning and toxicity, lab tests, and diagnostic procedures. With Lexi-Interact, the clinician may review all interactions for a selected medication or enter a patient specific regimen to analyze for potential interactions. Lexi-ID includes color images and is useful for pill identification. The database is updated daily and includes news and special alerts from the FDA, pharmaceutical companies and the media. The search engine is powerful and easy to use, and supports searching by name, therapeutic category, adverse reactions, and interactions. Lexi-Pals and Pedi-Pals contain adult and pediatric Patient Advisory Leaflets.

StatRef Textbooks We´ve added new next to the Quick Link because the StatRef collection has been greatly expanded! New titles include ACS Surgery, Adams & Victors Principles of Neurology, Degowin´s Diagnostic Examination, Goodman & Gilmans´s Pharmacologic Basis of Therapeutics, Holland-Frei Cancer Medicine, Primary Care for Physician Assistants, and WebMD Scientific American Medicine. Users may search a topic in a selected text or across all titles.


CDC: Environmental Health Web Site
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has developed this website to promote use of the diverse set of materials created to inform the public about environmental health.

Main thematic topics include such areas as air quality, bioterrorism agents and diseases, food safety, hazardous waste sites, hydrocarbons, lead poisoning, mold, and radiation emergencies. Clicking on each of these areas will take users to a host of other materials, most frequently recent research reports, policy statements, and news releases. Some intriguing and unexpected topics are designing and building healthy places, building social capital through community improvement and social networking, and extreme weather disasters.

The current page offer details about recently released reports, such as the National Asbestos Review, the Second National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals, and the World Trade Center Health Registry.

Persons planning summer travel may wish to consult the excellent site, CDC Travelers' Health that provides timely information on the current distribution of many human pathogens, recent outbreaks, and recommended vaccinations and tips for healthy travel.


LinkSource is a new tool to help you navigate electronic resources. It links from a citation in one database to the full text article in another! From OVID MEDLINE to MD Consult or EBSCOHost! PsycInfo to Science Direct! EBSCOHost  to Journals@OVID or BioMedCentral!

Scenario: You have just completed a search in OVID MEDLINE. Next to an interesting citation you see  .  Click the icon to see the LinkSource  display.

The following example shows a link to full text in EBSCOhost. If electronic full text is not available, LinkSource will link to the PCOM Library Catalog for print resources, or to an interlibrary loan request form. The ILL form will be automatically populated with bibliographic information! All you need to fill in is your personal info.

CAVEAT: the LinkSource icon may be different in different resources, i.e., in PsycARTICLES and Proquest journals, the link is " Find a Copy  ."We trust that LinkSource will facilitate your navigation and use of PCOM´s electronic resources


Can 300,000 Italians be Wrong?
A recent article "
Clinical Evidence: a useful tool for promoting evidence-based practice?" (BMC Health Services Research 2003, 3:24), describes the Italian Ministry of Health Methods' pilot distribution of paper versions of Clinical Evidence (CE) to 43,000 physicians and the results of a follow-up survey to assess their judgment of CE's usefulness. The response concerning CE's validity, relevance, clarity and usability was so positive that in 2003, the Ministry freely distributed CE to every physician (300,000 of them!) in the country.

Clinical Evidence is available electronically to PCOM users via OVID. If you haven't searched it directly, you may have seen Clinical Evidence Concise excerpts that appear regularly in American Family Physician. CE summarizes the current state of knowledge and uncertainty about the prevention and treatment of clinical conditions. It is neither a textbook nor a set of guidelines. It describes the best available evidence from systematic reviews and RCTs, and if there is no good evidence it says so.

From the BMC Health Services Research article, "Key distinguishing features of Clinical Evidence are that its contents are driven by practical questions rather than by the availability of research evidence, and it highlights rather than hides gaps in research evidence, so that physicians know when their uncertainty stems from these gaps rather than from gaps in their own knowledge. Three main findings should be highlighted. First, CE seems to affect doctors' awareness about the efficacy and safety of some health interventions and, most importantly, to make them willing to consider changes in their clinical behavior. Second, CE is deemed to foster communication between GPs and specialists by creating a common knowledge ground; this might help smooth the interface between primary and secondary care and improving overall patient care. Third, our data suggest that the original objective of the book – i.e. providing information rather than making clinical recommendations may be achieved."

FebruaryThe Health Education Assets Library (HEAL), a repository of free, web-based multimedia teaching materials in the health sciences, has grown to over 3,200 items with the addition of hundreds of free, high quality videos, interactive tutorials, animations, and other curricular resources. New videos include an award-winning "NeuroLogic Exam: An Anatomical Approach". New Flash animations include "HyperHeart," "Derivation of the ECG," and "Voluntary Control of the Facial Muscles," among others. All resources can be viewed directly with a web browser or one of its plug-ins regardless of platform.

The project is funded by the National Science Foundation's National Science Digital Library initiative and the National Library of Medicine. All contributors are affiliated with a health sciences education institution, health sciences organization, government organization, or medical publisher. There is a permanent link to HEAL in the Images section of the Educational Resources Internet Guide.

Household Products Database
What's under the kitchen sink, in the garage, in the bathroom, and on the laundry room shelf? What chemicals are contained? What products pose health risks if they are ingested or inhaled, or if they come in contact with eyes and skin? Who manufactures a specific brand? How can one contact the manufacturer? Household Products Database from the National Institutes of Health contains health and safety information on more than 2,000 ingredients in more than 4,000 common household products. Information is provided to NLM under a collaborative agreement and is derived from publicly available sources, including brand-specific labels and information provided by manufacturers and their Web sites.

Hazardous Substances Data Bank focuses on the toxicology of potentially hazardous chemicals. It contains information on human exposure, industrial hygiene, emergency handling procedures, environmental fate, regulatory requirements, and related areas. All data are referenced and derived from a core set of books, government documents, technical reports and selected primary journal literature. HSDB is peer-reviewed by the Scientific Review Panel (SRP), a committee of experts in the major subject areas within the data bank's scope. HSDB is organized into individual chemical records, and contains over 4500 such records. HSDB is a toxicology data file on the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) Toxicology Data Network (TOXNET®).