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News 2003

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December 2003


Randomised controlled trial of clinical decision support tools to improve learning of evidence based medicine in medical students Leung, GM et al. British Medical Journal 327:1090, 8 Nov 2003. One hundred sixty nine 4th year medical students participated in a study to assess the educational effectiveness on learning evidence based medicine of a PDA clinical decision support tool InfoRetriever compared to guideline pocket card and a control.

"Improving access to the literature via InfoRetriever at the point of care yielded considerable positive changes in students´ self reported actual use of evidence and seemed to boost their confidence in clinical decision making. Evidence from other studies suggests that improved patient outcomes may result from this evidence based approach. In addition, ready access to current best evidence prompted the students with PDAs  in our study to raise the role of evidence during ward rounds or bedside teaching more often, as ascertained through self reports. Such activity promotes active learning, which is crucial to achieve deep learning and retained knowledge and is a cornerstone of adult learning theory. These attributes are hallmarks of a modern medical curriculum that have been incorporated into many reformed curricula internationally.

Conclusions: Rapid and convenient access to valid and relevant evidence on a portable computing device can improve learning in evidence based medicine, increase current and future use of evidence, and boost students' confidence in clinical decision making

November 2003

NIHSeniorHealth.gov is a new talking web site with formats and topics tailored to the needs of older people. The senior friendly site takes advantage of techniques developed by the National Institute on Aging and the National Library of Medicine designed to encourage older people to use the Internet. Researchers who study cognition, web site designers, and communications experts have fashioned a site that is easy for older adults to read, understand, remember, and navigate.

The site features large print and short, easy-to-read segments of information repeated in a variety of formats -- such as open-captioned videos and short quizzes -- to increase the likelihood it will be remembered. Consistent page layouts and prompts help older adults move from one place to another on the site without feeling lost or overwhelmed. Each topic provides general background information, quizzes, FAQs, open-captioned video clips, transcripts for the videos, and photos and illustrations with captions. NIHSeniorHealth.gov will have a "talking" function, which will allow users the option of reading the text or listening to it as it is read to them.

NOISE! Please keep it down! Use your cell phones outside the Library! Be aware that the roar from the hallway just outside the Library is very disruptive. We continue to receive complaints about the noise level from student users.

Step I of the Boards: Medical Sciences with Clinical Correlations
the Gold Standard collection of 55 newly remastered audio CDs contains over 60 hours of material. CDs may be borrowed from the Circulation Desk.

October 2003

In fiscal year 2003, PCOM Digital Library users downloaded over 112,000 full text articles from our licensed collections. Use increased over 36 percent from 2002's download of over 82,000 articles. What collections provided the greatest number of articles?

  • OVID              48,432
  • MD Consult      31,676
  • EbscoHost        12,501
  • PsycARTICLES    8,065
  • Proquest Psych   7,612
  • Science Direct     3,362

The PCOM Library was an early adapter of electronic journals. In 1998, we participated in one of the first research projects, PEAK, co-sponsored by the University of Michigan and Elsevier Science. That year, PCOM users retrieved just over 6,000 articles. Since that time, our electronic collections have grown and our management tools have improved. Specifically, Journal Search, the database of all electronic and print journal titles, provides direct links to individual full text titles and to bibliographic records for print titles, as well as Tables of Content search capability, and personal current awareness services.

 Clearly, our users have enthusiastically embraced digital collections and the convenience of 24/7 access.

ACOFP PDA Resource Page
Visit PDA Download Links at the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians web site for free and fee-based resources. Topics include acupuncture, growth charts, drug resources, calculators, medical; reference guides, and productivity applications.

Acland´s Human Anatomy DVDs
The popular Acland's video series is now available in DVD format for 4 hour or overnight circulation (Sorry, no site licensing). Please bring your personal headphones if you plan to view in the Library. The series consists of:

    1) The Upper Extremity
    2) The Lower Extremity
    3) The Trunk
    4) The Head & Neck, Part 1
    5) The Head & Neck, Part 2
    6) The Internal Organs.

September 2003

The Behaviors of Professionalism website will be of interest to medical educators and students, particularly those who have gone thru the process of drafting Class Mission Statements. The behaviors fall into 7 areas: responsibility & accountability, altruism, honor & integrity, respect, excellence & scholarship, caring, compassion & communication, and leadership. The Center for Innovation at the National Board of Medical Examiners invites all educators, clinicians, students, residents, nurses, pharmacists, allied health professionals, and consumers of healthcare to review comment, refine, and supplement the lists of specific behaviors. Approaches to assessment approaches of  including self-reflection and reporting, simulations, multiplayer and virtual games, peer rating, and monitoring of sentinel events.

Test drive trial access to PIER: The Physicians' Information and Education Resource from the American College of Physicians. Link from the StatRef E-Book collection. PIER is a Web-based decision-support tool designed for rapid point-of-care delivery of up-to-date, evidence-based guidance for clinicians. Information in PIER is presented in a "drill down" format, in which the user clicks from an opening guidance statement through to more specific information. PIER is a collection of modules divided into five topic types: Diseases, Screening and Prevention, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Ethical and Legal Issues, Procedures.

Attention 1st years! Histology Resource - Interactive Color Atlas of Histology simulates a laboratory experience without the need of going to a microscope. The image based interactive program contains 700 high quality photomicrographs. The atlas portion is supplemented by an examination section of chapter, unit and final examination questions.

Free PDR Access
Physicians and medical students may access PDR.net online or mobilePDR for Palm OS or Pocket PC without charge. DO students register by calling 1-888-632-9998. Physicians and PAs register online at www.pdr.net/login.jsp. Physician Assistants students must complete the educational program before registering. The PDR provides up-to-date FDA approved drug labeling, product information by brand or generic name, latest FDA announcements and drug launches, interactions between two or more drugs, PDR's concise drug monographs.

PCOM Library Catalog
Our Library catalog has a new look and feel with a cleaner design, brighter colors, and improved help screens.

August 2003

New Electronic Resources
E-Book Collection: Access Medicine has great titles including Harrison's, Hurst's The Heart, Metabolic  & Molecular Bases of Inherited Diseases, Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, Practice Guidelines in Primary, Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests, and the complete Lange Series of 10 Basic Sciences & 10 Clinical Texts.

Lange basic science titles include Biochemistry, Epidemiology, Histology, Histology Image Review, Microbiology, Neuroanatomy, Pathology, Pharmacology, and Physiology. The clinical series includes Cardiology, Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Surgery, and Urology.

Possible Alternatives to "Up to Date"  Send comments to library@pcom.edu
Follow a Quick Link to Clinical Evidence Topic Reviews from the British Medical Journal Group. "CE provides a concise account of the current state of knowledge, ignorance, and uncertainty about the prevention and treatment of a wide range of clinical conditions. In other words, it contains a compendium of evidence on the effects of common clinical interventions."

July 2003

New Electronic Resources
PCOM users now have access to 85 full text Wiley InterScience journals in the areas of medicine, psychology, biotechnology, education, human resources management, and strategic management. Access to the collection is through PCOM's participation in the PA Academic Libraries Consortium Inc. (PALCI).

To review a list of titles, go to Journal Search. Change the Search Field default from Journal Title to Publisher, enter Wiley and click Go.

Several new reference works have been added to the Books section of the Psychology Internet Guide. The print equivalent of these 3 titles is over 25 volumes!

Drug Samples Online
MD Consult is providing a new area within "Marketplace" that allows physicians to save time by requesting prescription drug samples online. Qualifying physicians are able to request and obtain specified quantities of samples for delivery via mail, by drug representative, or by downloading sample vouchers for immediate use.

E-Books for your PDA
Take the following titles for a test drive. They are available for a 4 day loan period, with 1 four day renewal.
Griffiths 5-minute Consult
Emergency Medicine Library (includes Pediatric Emergency Medicine)
Washington Manual

June 2003

MDC Mobile (Pocket PC or Palm OS)
New from MD Consult is MDC Mobile. Mobile provides medical news and drug updates, the latest abstracts from hundreds of journals, and the ability to record, store, and initiate searches on MD Consult from a Palm OS or Pocket PC handheld device. Mobile Updates provide daily feeds of medical news and weekly drug updates. Pocket Journal Browser downloads Contents and abstracts of new journal issues to your PDA. Logon to your MDC personal account to select journals of interest to you.  Search stores your questions and uploads searches to MDC when you hot sync. Download and install MDC Mobile right from MD Consult.

InfoRetriever (Pocket PC or Palm OS)
This popular resource for the Pocket PC is now available for the Palm OS. InfoRetriever contains filtered, synopsized, evidence-based information, including the complete 5-Minute Clinical Consult, POEMs, all Cochrane abstracts, more than 120 decision rules, 1854 diagnostic test calculators, and over 300 summaries of practice guidelines. Download from the InfoRetriever web site. PALM version requires PALM OS 4 or higher running at 33 MHz or faster, 8 MB or more internal memory, and 32MB or more of expansion memory of any type Download Instructions. Don´t forget to register by sending an email to InfoRETRIEVER from your PCOM email account. Registration Instructions. Unregistered copies expire in 30 days.

Faculty, in preparation for the new term, please review the following documents:
Copyright & Course Reserve Guidelines
Copyright FAQs
Reserve Material Submission Requirements
Course Reserves Submission Form
We need to be sensitive to copyright guidelines particularly in reference to electronic resources and scanning of print materials. You will find permanent links to these documents from the About the Library page. There is also a link to the Course Reserves Submission Form from the Services and Request Forms page.

Comprehensive Clinical Psychology  Editors-in-Chief:  Alan S. Bellack and Michel Hersen
The first online edition of the highly acclaimed 11-volume resource Comprehensive Clinical Psychology is available through Science Direct. CCP covers everything from the history of the field to current thinking about training, professional standards and practices, and socio-cultural factors in mental health and illness. It include 267 chapters, 7,000 pages, approx. 28,000 references and approx. 37,000 subject index items.

There is a permanent link to CCP from the Books section of the Psychology Internet Guide

While at the Science Direct web site, browse through the over 100 fulltext  titles in Psychology. Click on the Journals button in the top navigation bar. Select Psychology from the pull down menu labeled Select All Journals, Favorites, or a specific subject. Then limit  Display to Subscribed Titles. Of course, you also have the option of quick or advanced search of the full text of journal articles.

May 2003

Using E-ZBorrow you can search catalogs of more than 26 million books and borrow directly from other college and university libraries in the PA Academic Libraries Consortium.  Use E-ZBorrow links from Quick Links, or our Catalogs page and login with your Library ID.   Browse holdings of the member libraries and request your book right online.  You'll receive notice by email when it is ready to be picked up at the Library. The distinct advantages of E-ZBorrow for users are Speed and Control. The Library benefits are improved workflow and lower costs. Always check for books titles in E-ZBorrow before requesting an interlibrary loan.
Books are received in 2-4 business days
You are in control of the search via the Internet
You receive direct email feedback during the borrowing/lending process
Inter-Library Loan
Books are received in 1 week- 10 days
You fill out forms at the Library Services & Requests Forms page or at the Circulation Desk
You are notified once when the material arrives at the Circulation Desk

LibQUAL Winners! Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who participated. We'll be back to you later with the results.
the winners (all students) and their programs are:
Mary Gessner, DO - Palm
Gwen Rock, Psychology - $50 certificate
Anju Mathew, PA - $25 certificate

WHO Sars Situation Updates
HIPAA Booklet Online
Protecting Personal Health Information in Research: Understanding the HIPAA Privacy Rule. This booklet and its companion pieces for clinical, health records, and health services research, and for institutional review boards (IRBs) and Privacy Boards, are part of HHS's ongoing efforts to educate the research community about the Privacy Rule. They can be found at http://privacyruleandresearch.nih.gov.As described in its preface:"This booklet contains information about the "Privacy Rule," a Federal regulation under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 that protects certain health information. The Privacy Rule was issued to protect the privacy of health information that identifies individuals who are living or deceased.  The Rule balances an individual's interest in keeping his or her health information confidential with other social benefits, including health care research. This booklet provides researchers with a basic understanding of the Privacy Rule and how it may affect health research. It also addresses how researchers may be directly or indirectly affected by the Rule when their research requires the use of, or access to, an individual's identifiable health information.

April 2003

 LibQUAL_Logo_timy  LibQUAL+ Survey closed
Over 430 members of the PCOM community completed the LibQUAL+ survey over a month long period. Thank you for your time and comments! Nationwide, more than 109,000 individuals at over 300 colleges and universities have completed the survey that will continue until mid-May. When all sites are closed, the LibQUAL+ team (from the Association of Research Libraries in collaboration with the Texas A&M University Libraries) will analyze the data and generate reports for the individual libraries. These reports will be delivered at the American Library Association meeting in June. The reports will present information on the gaps between users' desired, perceived, and minimally acceptable levels of service.

Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment
Now available to PCOM researchers! Signal transduction is the study of how cells control their own and each others' behaviors through chemical signals. Signal transduction research is an intensely active field of biomedical research. Science's STKE is useful to the scientists who specialize in signal transduction, as well as the many scientists who need to follow and apply the current findings of this field.

"The overarching goal of Science's STKE is to identify and develop a mix of tools and approaches algorithms, schemas, programs, and human organizational structures) that are stable, scalable, inter-operable, and cost-effective for providing access to information on cell signaling. All aspects of Science's STKE are designed to facilitate the site's main purpose, which is to maximize the efficiency with which the reader gathers, assimilates, and understands information about cell regulatory processes."

Journal Search
For some time, the Library has maintained two journal databases: Journal Search and PCOM Journal Listing - TDNet. Now that TDNet contains information on both print and electronic titles, Journal Search links will be redirected to the TDNet database. Advantages? TDNet provides links to individual titles rather than collections, searchable Tables of Content, and superior current awareness services.

New Journal Titles
Eating Disorders (EBSCOHOST and print)
Journal of Bodywork & Movement Online (Science Direct and print)
Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings (EBSCOHOST)
Journal of Studies on Alcohol (print)

March 2003
LibQUAL+ Survey March 17 -31 What´s it all about? Why should I bother?
The PCOM Library is using LibQUAL+, a survey instrument developed by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), to measure users' perceptions of the quality of library service and to identify the most important areas of improvement for our users. Previous library assessment efforts were quantitative: how many books, journals or square feet are in the Library? The LibQUAL+ survey assesses quality based on how well the Library meets your expectations.

Why are there 3 rating scales for each item?
What are your minimum expectations? What is your desired level of service and resources? Where does the PCOM Library fit on that scale? The minimum and desired levels define a "Zone of Tolerance" of acceptable service. Your estimation of the level of service received will show where the PCOM Library falls in relation to that zone. The differing scores for "desired" and "minimum" levels of service will also indicate what types of services and what aspects of service are most important to you as library users.

What about the great prizes?
Users who complete the survey are eligible for great prizes like new PALM Tungsten T PDAs or $50 or $25 Amazon.com gift certificates. Enter your PCOM email account when registering to win. Your responses are anonymous but the PCOM account authenticates you as one of our own.

Brain Atlas
The Digital Slice of Brain created by faculty at the University of Utah School of Medicine is available for free download. 64 MB Ram is required. An online demo is available.

The PEW Internet & American Life Project has issued its report Counting on the Internet. Over 60% of Americans now have internet access. What are their expectations? For health care information, 67% expect to find reliable information online. 46% saythey will go online next time they need health care information, and 47% say they will contact a medical professional. For information or services from a government agency, 65% of all Americans expect the Web to have that information; 82% of Internet users say this and 39% of non-users say this. In the realm of electronic commerce, 63% of all Americans expect that a business will have a Web site that gives them information about a product they are considering buying. Four out of five (79%) of Internet users say this and 38% of non-users say this. For news, 69% of Americans expect to be able to find reliable, up-to-date news online; 85% of Internet users say this, compared with 43% of non-Internet users.
Overall, 84% of all Americans have an expectation of finding information online in at least one of these four topical areas. That translates into nearly all Internet users (97%) and most non-Internet users (64%).

Your Personal Library Account
Do you need to see what books you have borrowed, when they are due, or if you have outstanding fines? You can now check your personal account online! Under the Digital Library Quick Links, click on PCOM Library Catalog, then Patron Information. To login, type in your last name and the LIB# found on your PCOM ID BADGE. You may also renew books online if they are not already overdue or on hold for another user. While you're at it, check that the library has your correct address and email library@pcom.edu with any corrections. Thanks to Stephanie Ferretti and Julia Lewis for activating this feature.

February 2003
HEAL, the Health Educational Assets Library, is a national web-based repository of multimedia health education resources, including videos, audios, and images. It is a multi-institutional, collaborative project funded by the National Science Digital Library initiative of the National Science Foundation. Major contributors include UCLA, the National Library of Medicine, and the AAMC.  The primary goals of HEAL are to improve access to teaching resources for health sciences educators, promote the sharing of teaching resources, and foster the interoperability of resources. All multimedia files are available for free downloading via the web. A brief registration is required.

HEAL is currently adding over 600 histological images, and over 100 neurology examination videos, in both English and Spanish. Users may search by content characteristics, such as disease process, organ type, or radiograph type, or browse through the collections with a navigation tree organized by Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) to find specific multimedia files. Users are also urged to contribute to the HEAL collection by uploading multimedia files using a simple web-based wizard. More information about the HEAL Project, as well as free access to the multimedia collections, is available at http://www.healcentral.org

Bates Physical Exam Tapes
The classic videos of physical examination skills and techniques are now available at all campus computers via the PCOM Network. The videos are organized by body system and include a step-by-step demonstration of appropriate examination techniques. Users with high speed internet access may view them from home and other off-campus locations.

Hot Sych on Campus
Want to update your Avantgo channels, ePocrates, or other PDA web resources? Bring your PDA and sync cable to the Reference Office behind the Circulation Desk and plug into the USB extension cable. The HotSync application can be found on the PDA home menu. Of course, your personal applications (calendar, To do, addresses) will not be updated.

January 2003
Daily InfoPOEMS
Clinicians and students! Sign up for InfoPoems, daily e-mail updates of useful information for primary care clinicians. POEMS are "Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters," evidence-based recommendations that have the potential to change your practice.

Each month, InfoPoems generates about 30 brief summaries of key articles from 100 core journals. The information:

  • Is relevant to primary care practice
  • is evaluated for validity by editors who are primary care clinicians and experts in research design and methodology
  • uses patient-oriented outcomes that make a difference to you and your patients
  • is translated from the language of research to the language of clinical practice

November 2002 POEMs included:

  • Time limits for combined HRT
  • D-dimer testing for PE
  • Guar gum or fiber for IBS
  • Tiotropium or salmeterol in COPD
  • Vitimin E worsens URI-LRI in elderly
  • Steroids superior in asthma

InfoPoems are a service from InfoRetriever, an excellent source of EBM information including systematic reviews, prediction rules, and calculators. Visit InfoPoems on the web to view some of over 1,000 previous summaries.

Contact the Library (library@pcom.edu) to sign up. Please use your PCOM Groupwise account and include your name and Department or Program and Class.

Interactive Color Atlas of Histology now available! Based on Leslie P. Gartner & James L. Hiatt´s Color Atlas, the web version has interactive exams by Chapter, Basic Tissue & Organ Systems, and a Comprehensive Exam of the complete content.

Physician Assistant Studies Internet Guide
The PA Studies Guide is updated, greatly expanded and organized into sections for News, Specialties/Associations, Military/Government Service, State Societies, and Interest Groups. Interest groups include the Fellowship of Christian PAs, First Nations Council of PAs, PA History Office, and PAs of Latino Heritage. PA Studies faculty and students are invited to submit additional sites via the Website Review Form.

Bioterrorism Internet Guide
The guide contains new links to Smallpox from the Department of Health and Human Services and Responding First to Bioterrorism from the National Academies.

Smallpox provides primary health care providers, public health professionals, and consumers with current and comprehensive information about smallpox and the Bush administration's vaccination plan in both english and spanish.

Responding First to Bioterrorism was developed by the Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and National Research Council to give "First responders" to terrorist attacks access to thousands of Web pages containing information on bioterrorism and public safety. The site houses a search engine which sorts through over 3,000 "expert-selected" Web resources.

DO Student Author Ryan Bearer (2005) published "Complications from treatment for prostate carcinoma among men in the Detroit area" in Cancer 95:82-9, 2002.

News Archive 2002