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National Boards Study Resources

see also the PCOM Internet Guide: Educational Resources
Exam Master - licensed by the PCOM Library, these customized exams can be taken in test or study mode. Your personal account shows tests taken, scores, etc.  
Lange Self Assessment - Access Medicine - 1,000 free questions for Parts 1 and 2
HistoWeb - from the Dept of Anatomy & Cell Biology at the University of Kansas. Well organized slides for quick review.
MCQE (Multiple Choice Question Examination) - over 8,000 abbreviated questions mainly come from the previous exams and have an average degree of difficulty  - approx $50.
NetBiochem - from Allegheny University of the Health Sciences and the University of Utah.
Anatomy Questions -  from the University of Wisconsin Medical School.
Student Doctor Network Big Guide to Board Exams provides background information, advice, sample questions, and performance data.
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May 13, 2005