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1. Registration required. Call the Library at 215-871-6470; a member of the Library staff will request required user information (name, status, e-mail address, specialty, etc.) and establish an account for you. Or, transmit your account application electronically (User Account Application Form). Account confirmation will be sent via e-mail.

2. Connect toMDConsult® from links on the Databases or E-Journals pages or from the Internet Subject Guide on Clinical Information Resources section on Internet Services.

3. Enter your username and password (both are case sensitive)

4. Click on Practice Guidelines.
From the left frame on the screen, Browse the guidelines by Authoring Organization, Specialty, or Topic Index.

6. In the left frameIndex, click on the "+" plus symbol to see subordinate headings.
    Example: for pediatric guidelines, options include review by:
   + Authoring Organization (click on the "+" plus symbol to see a list of all authoring organizations,thenclick on American Academy of Pediatrics for a list of all AAP guidelines).
   + Specialty (click on the "+" plus symbol to see a list of all specialties, then click on Pediatrics for a list of all pediatrics guidelines).
    +Topic (click on the "+" plus symbol to see the alphabet bar, then click on a letter to get to a specific topic, i.e., click on "N" for Nutrition ).

7. The Results List will appear in the right frame. Click the underlined hyperlink to go directly to the guideline.

8. Full text of the selected guideline will appear in the right frame. A Table of Contents (TOC) for the guideline will appear in the left frame; it is a useful navigation tool.

9. Illustrations

  • to enlarge, click the small thumbnail illustration to zoom in on it, enlarging its viewing size in the browser window. To further enlarge, resize the browser frame. Point to any inside border line of the frame. The Arrow pointer changes to a double-tipped arrow pointer. While holding the main mouse button down, drag the frame edge up and down or left and right to resize the frame. When you release the mouse button, the contents of the frame repaints to fill the new size
  • to shrink an illustration, click the browser window's Back button or click the arrow at the bottom of the illustration or    click a section or topic title in the Contents frame at the left.

10. Click on the List icon in the toolbar mdcListto return to the Results List.

11. Expand retrieval by searching all guidelines for information on a specific topic

  • click the SEARCH PAGE icon mdcsearch  in the toolbar.
  • select Emphasis on Currency or  Emphasis on Breadth
    • currency - Finds all complete articles, including recent articles not currently cited in MEDLINE,  the entire text of the MD Consult journal articles and Clinics of North America.
    • breadth searches the citations in MEDLINE, AIDSLINE, CANCERLIT, and HealthSTAR databases.
  • enter search terms
  • select AND, OR, or EXCLUDE to combine multiple search terms
  • click on mdcsearch_nowto execute your search

Hints: Generalize - use very general terms such as obesity, hypertension, football, helmets, pregnancy, exeercise.
 mdchelp Help is always available by clicking on the question mark in the upper right
     corner of the screen.
12.  Return to the Home Page by clicking  mdcHomeTriangGin the upper left hand corner of the screen.

13. Select another segment of MD Consult or exit.

Licensing if for a limited number of concurrent users, so always logoff.