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subpage_titleblock  MD Consult® - Patient Education Materials


1. Registration required. Call the Library at 215-871-6470; a member of the Library staff will request required user information (name, status, e-mail address, specialty, etc.) and establish an account for you. Or, transmit your account application electronically (User Account Application Form). Account confirmation will be sent via e-mail.

2. Connect toMDConsult® from links on the Databases or E-Journals pages or from the Internet Subject Guide on Clinical Information Resources section on Internet Services.

3. Enter your username and password (both are case sensitive).

4. Click on Patient Education to access over 2,500 patient ed handouts. Many handouts are in the areas of health, prevention, and well child care. Some handouts are available in both English and Spanish.
From the left frame on the screen, Browse the guidelines arranged by:

  • All Topics Alphabetically
  • All Topics By Specialty
  • Adult Health Topics
  • Medication Topics
  • Pediatric Health Topics
  • Senior Health Topics
  • Women's Health Topics

6. In the left frameIndex, click on the "+" plus symbol to get to the alphabet bar for each index (all indexes except the All Topics by Specialty are accessed by alphabet bar). Select a letter, then a topic. The Results List will appear in the right frame. Click the underlined hyperlink.

7. Full text of the selected handout will appear in the right frame.Use the scroll bar to move up or down in the handout text.

8. Expand retrieval by searching all handouts for information on a specific topic:

  • click the SEARCH PAGE icon mdcsearch  in the toolbar.
  • enter search terms(one term per box)
  • select AND, OR, or EXCLUDE to combine multiple search terms
  • click on mdcsearch_nowto execute your search

Hints: Generalize - use very general terms such as obesity, hypertension, football, helmets, pregnancy, exeercise.
 mdchelp Help is always available by clicking on the question mark in the upper right     corner of the screen.

9. Edit your personalized header to have your own personal data appear on of all Patient Education Handouts.

  • From within any handout, click the Edit Header button.
  • Edit the 8 lines of text in your Personal Folder Area. The first time you enter Patient Education, default values are entered into some of these boxes from your registration data.Some suggestions for what to add:
              Practice Name
              Office hours
              Alternate office locations
              Pager or answering service telephone numbersE-mail address
  • The first 2 lines of text will always print in a larger font size than the other lines.
  • After you have entered your data, preview the header by using the Preview button at the bottom of the page.
  • Once you are satisfied with the Patient Education data, click the Submit button to save your data.
  • Note: The same header will display on all of your patient education handouts.

10. Add Special Instructions to the Bottom of a Handout

  • Scroll down to the bottom of any handout and find the Special Instructions box.
  • Type your instructions directly into the box.
    • You can type up to 2 pages of additional instructions.
  • Click Save Text to save your instructions.
  • Whenever you open this handout, your instructions will automatically be displayed.

11. Print the handout by choosing the Print command from the File menu. (Click the View Page button before you print to preview the formatted page without buttons and on-screen instructions).
12.  Return to the Home Page by clicking  mdcHomeTriangGin the upper left hand corner of the screen.

13. Select another segment of MD Consult or exit.

14. Licensing if for a limited number of concurrent users, so always logoff.