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Required Information:
Faculty Member's Name: Material may be placed on reserve under a teaching assistant's name as well.
Course number/name (e.g., PSY 545): It is important that we have the three-letter course name as well as the course number.
Semester: We require the beginning and end date of each course.
New list or Addition: This alerts the staff as to whether a faculty member already has material on reserve for this class. Remember that using the same items repeatedly will require copyright permissions.
Number of students: This number is used to determine the amount of copies of the same article allowable per copyright restrictions
Address/phone number: This information enables us to contact a faculty member with questions/problems as well as providing an address for returning materials at the end of the semester.
E-mail: If you use e-mail, please include this information as well.


AV materials should be requested 4 weeks before class to make sure it is available.
Books: List complete call number, author(s), and title of book.
If it is a book to be ordered, please include the publisher, the year, and the edition information as well. If we don't own the book, we can purchase it if it is available in print.  It can take up to two weeks to be received and processed.  If the book has been declared missing or lost, the library will purchase a new copy.

Journal article: Provide a full bibliographic citation for each journal article to be placed on reserve (i.e., the title of the journal, volume number, issue number, year, author(s), title of the article, and page numbers).
If you have articles you want scanned & included in your course on Blackboard, you should allow 3 weeks for processing.
Photocopies of articles must be submitted in excellent condition. The Library reserves the right to return materials that will not scan to an acceptable standard.
There should be no black margins.
No double page photocopies.