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Searching for a specific word or phrase in the title

If you are looking for a specific article and you know some of the exact words that are used in the title, you can search by textword in the title field.

Example: There are a series of articles that discuss how to read the medical literature. They are often referred to as the "users' guides" because those are the first words in each article's title. To find these articles you would search for users guides as a textword in the title. When searching for words in the title try to search by unique or uncommon words.

There are two ways to search for words in the title of the article:

  1. Use the title icon  

    • Click on the title icon. The input instructions will change to "Enter a word or phrase to be searched in the title :".

    • Type in the phrase "users guides" and click on Perform Search.

  2. Use the title qualifier  .ti. [instead of the title icon]

    • In the input box, type in users guides.ti. and click on Perform Search.

    • You can also use truncation with the title qualifier (ex: user$ guides.ti.).

Example of retrieval:

# Search History ResultsDisplay
1 users guide.ti. 14 Display Results using Title icon.
2 users guide.ti. 14 Display Results using .tw. or .mp.
3 user$ guide.ti. 14 Display

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