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Searching for an article in a specific journal

In addition to searching for authors and words in an article title, you can also look for citations in a specific journal.

Example: If you are looking for articles written by David Sackett that were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine you could find them by searching for the journal name and then the author.

There are two ways to search for a specific journal

  1. Use the journal icon  

    • Click on the journal icon. The input box instructions will change to "Enter the first few letters of the full journal name; do not use abbreviations:"

    • Type in the journal name. Click on Perform Search.

    • From the alphabetical list of journals indexed in the database, select the title that matches your journal name. Click on Continue. The postings for each title are the total number of articles from that journal in the database.

  2. Use the journal name qualifier  .jn. [instead of journal icon]

    • In the input box, type in annals of internal medicine.jn. and click on Perform Search. This will retrieval all articles in this journal in the database. You can use the journal name qualifier only if you know the exact name of the journal.

Example of retrieval:

# Search History ResultsDisplay
1 annals of internal medicine.jn. 17580 Display Results using Journal icon.
2 annals of internal medicine.jn. 17580 Display Results using .jn.
3 sackett d$.au. 284 Display Results combing journal title and author's name.
4 1 and 2 11 Display

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