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This interactive Ovid Tutorial is designed to show you step-by-step the basic components of a MEDLINE database search using the Ovid Web Gateway.

After completing the tutorial, you should have a better understanding of how to:

  • formulate a search strategy
  • conduct a basic MEDLINE search in Ovid
  • print, save, or email the citations retrieved

The best way to use this tutorial is to follow the logical steps in the development and execution of a MEDLINE search. Click on the "next" button at the bottom of the page to start this tutorial.


  1. Instructions for using this tutorial
  2. Developing your search strategy
  3. Viewing the results
  4. Linkages
  5. Print, Email, Save, and Order documents
  6. Other ways to search in MEDLINE:
  7. Explaining the icons
  8. Access
  9. Evaluating this tutorial

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Adapted by PCOM from a tutorial created by Connie Schardt, Education Coordinator for the Medical Center Library at Duke University. Permission has been granted by Ovid Technologies, Inc. to use Web pages, screen shots, and icons from the Ovid Web Gateway. © Duke University Medical Center