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WB 940 V822 2002  Visceral Manipulation v.1          
WB 940 V822 2002  Visceral Manipulation v.2         
                             Stomach-Duodenum-small Intestine--Colon--Kidney
53131V  Mandibular Treatment. 11 min. PCOM 
59131V  The Work of Our Hands. 28 min. FBS 
721026  Neck Spasm, Dr. Magoun.25 min. PCOM 
730206  Lower Back, Dr. Mitchell. 16 min. PCOM
730209  Lower Extremities, Dr. Mitchell. 16 min. PCOM 
730510  Discomforts of the Female. 15 min. PCOM
731105  Somatic Component of Disease, Dr. Kappler. 30 min. PCOM 
731106  Knee in Back Technique, Dr. Kappler.    5 min.  PCOM                
741029  Preventive Sports Medicine: Youngsters in Sports Who Should Participate?
                             Dr.  Nicholas.   34 min. PCOM 
751203  Osteopathic Techniques: Cervical, Upper Thoracic Upper Rib,
                             Dr. Heilig. 34 min. PCOM
751210  Osteopathic Screening Examination: Passive Regional Ranges of Motion -
                             Dr. Nicholas. 16 min. PCOM 
751213  Osteopathic Manipulative Technique in Obstetrics & Gynecology
                             Dr. Denlinger.  24 min. PCOM
751214  Osteopathic Manipulative Technique in EENT Office Practice
                             Dr. Kirschner. 32 min. PCOM 
751215  Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy in Cardiac and Respiratory Disorders
                             Dr. D'Alonzo. 20 min. PCOM 
751224  Fibrous Adhesive Capsulitis Shoulder Technique: Seven Stages of Spencer
                             Dr. Nicholas.  21 min. PCOM 
75217B  "Doctor, I Put My Back Out" Manipulative Therapy.  24 min.
760102  Sacroiliac Area Diagnosis and Basic Treatment Variations in Sacroiliac
                             Treatment: Lumbar Area Diagnosis and Basic Treatment
                              Variations in Lumbar  Treatment - Dr. Heilig 
760121  Thoracic Area Diagnosis and Basic Diagnosis -DR.  Heilig.  15 min. PCOM 
760224  Rib Techniques - Dr. Heilig.  11 min. PCOM 
760409  Pediatric OMT - Dr. Heilig. 29 min. PCOM 
760702  OMT in Pediatrics - Dr. Purse.  37 min. PCOM 
76070    OMT in Neurologic and Psychiatric Disorders - Dr. Mark. 52 min. PCOM
760704  Basic Mechanics Dr. Heilig. 41 min. PCOM 
760705  OMT in Orthopedics - Dr. Wynne. 60 min. PCOM 
760706  Immunological Host Responses - Dr. Dickerson  45 min. PCOM    
760707  Somatic Factors in Cardiology - Dr. D'Alonzo   37 min. PCOM          
760708  OMT in Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders - Dr. Tomei. 60 min. PCOM
760710  OMT in Obstetrics and Gynecology Dr. Denlinger. 43 min. PCOM   
760711  OMT in Pre and Post Operative Patients-Dr. Erwin.     19 min. PCOM  
760712  OMT in Extremity Techniques - Dr. Nicholas.      60 min. PCOM          
771024  Applications of Bedside Osteopathic Techniques, Pre and Post Operative
                                 Dr. Galen Young. 50 min. PCOM
771117  Lift Therapy - Dr. Heilig.38 min. PCOM 
790525  Introduction to Soft Tissue Techniques. 12 min. MSU
791128  Low Back Problems in Sports. Medicine. David Heilig, D.O. 36 min.PCOM 
800131  Chapman's Reflex Technique: Lower Cervical Manipulation,  Upper Thoracic
                                 Manipulation.  50 min. KCOM
800711  The Other Physician. 30 min. QUBE 
810908  Osteopathic Management of the Pregnant
                                 Patient. F. Denlinger, D.O.  9 min.   PCOM 
820123  Practicalities of Osteopathic Manipulation.
                                 Alexander Nicholas, D.O. 45 min. PCOM 
820422  Psych Approaches to Cranial Facial Pain. George Guest, D.O. 59 min. PCOM 
821019  Cranio Facial Pain. Dr. Galen Young, D.O.  60 min. PCOM        
821020  Cranio Facial Pain and Hospital Admission, Galen Young, D.O. 60 min. PCOM 
820123  Practicalities of Osteopathic Manipulation. Alexander Nicholas, D.O. 45 min. PCOM
820124  Introduction to Osteopathic Medicine:  Practical Manipulation  46 min. PCOM
                                Techniques for TMJ. Louis Martinei, D.O. 
820128  The Still National Osteopathic Museum 15 min. KCOM.   
820129  Internal Medicine and TMJ Dysfunction -William Gilhool, D.O. 50 min. PCOM
820509  Osteopathic Medicine: Five Part Series.    14 min. WGAL 
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850901-904   1985 ANNUAL CONVOCATION: "Gravity: Friend or Foe"

850901  Physical Forces and Their Effects on Man.
                             E. Carlisle Holland, DO  James Wells, PhD Part 1  Up From the Apes:
                             Development of  Bi-Pealism. / Irvin M. Korr, PhD Man's Adaptation to
850902                   Posture. Michael L. Kuchera, DO, FAAO 
                             Part 2  The Mal-Adaptation of the spine to Gravity Applied. /
                              Harold I. Magoun Jr., DO Biomechanics:
                             Research and Clinical Correlation. (2 Parts)James Wells, PhD
850903                   Facial Unwinding. Viola M. Frymann, DO, FAAO /  
                             The Common Compensatory Pattern and
                             its Application.  William D. Fetchik, DO
850904                  Nutrition and the Musculoskeletal Therapy. Jerry L. Dickey, DO, FAAO
                             (For Paul E.  Kimberly, DO, FAAO)  / Robert C. Fulford, DO
                             The Invisible Body.

861004                   Osteopathic: Top Flight Medical Care. 6 min. PCOM
861006                   Osteopathic: Touch of Health. 20 min. PCOM
861007                   Osteopathic: In the Business of Health.7 min. PCOM

870901-914   1987 ANNUAL CONVOCATION:  
                                  "Golden Yesterdays--Golden Tomorrows"

870901                   It Began with Still. Catherine K. Carlton, DO,
                             FAAO  John W. Mulford, DO, FAAO /  
                             The Roots of the American Academy of Osteopathy.
                             Anthony G. Chila, DO, FAAO 
                             History of the American Academy of Osteopathy.
870902                  Fellowship Board Development. David A. Patriquin, DO, FAAO /
                             David Heilig, DO, FAAO The Total Musculoskeletal Concept. 
870903                   Cranial Concept:  Its Impact on the Profession 
                              Viola M. Frymann, DO, FAAO 
                             A. Hollis Wolf, DO, FAAO Contribution of  T.J. Ruddy 
870904                   A Child of the Academy  Recap Richard Darby, DO 
                             Proficiency in Osteopathic Skills George W. Northup, DO, FAAO 
                             An Academy Goal.Myron C. Beal, DO, FAAO
870905                   Development of the Cranial Academy Stephen D. Blood, DO, FAAO
                             (for Neil A. Pruzzo, DO) William L. Johnston, DO, FAAO
                             Development  of a Functional Orientation for Technique 
870906                  Development of the Muscle Energy Concept.  
                             Fred L. Mitchell, Jr., DO, FAAO 
                             Research Influence on Teaching Osteopathic Skills 
                             David Heilig, DO, FAAO
870907                   Bridging the GenerationsEdward G. Stiles, DO, FAAO
870908                   Research Origins of the Concept of Segmental Facilitation.
                             Irvin M. Korr, PhD
870909                  Influence of Current Science Technology on Identification
                             of the Visceral
                             Component Somatic Dysfunction. Albert F. Kelso, PhD
                             Looking Forward...Backward.  M. Patterson, PhD 
870910                   NUAAO Program Part 1.  Undergraduate Teaching Fellows
870911                   NUAAO Program Part 2.  Undergraduate Teaching Fellows
870912                   Update and Documentation to the Research of the
                             Cranial sacral Mechanism.
                             Fred L. Mitchell, DO  Fundamentals and Rational
                             of Counterstain.  Lawrence H. Jones, DO, FAAO
870913                   Application of the Counterstain Technique to the Upper  Extremity.
                             Lawrence H. Jones, DO, FAAO
870914                  Conclave of Fellows:  The Future Responsibilities of 
                             the Fellows and the   Academy.Drs. D. Heilig;  P.E. Greenman; D.A.
                             Patriquin; D. Siehl and J.R. Stookey.
879015                  The Ten Step Screening Examination: A General
                             Osteopathic Postoral/ Structural Screening Examination
881025                   Robert Fulford: An Osteopathic Alternative.
                             University of Arizona Health Science  Center 
890119                   Part 1 & 2 - The Research Connection 60 min.  Irvin Korr, PHD 
 890306                  In Search of Still's Key Lesion...Advances in Cranial Concepts. 
                             Stephen Davidson, D.O.
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880901-905 1988 AAO ANNUAL CONVENTION:
                     "Osteopathy: Kindness, Wisdom, and Experience"

880901                   Somatic Function and Dysfunction:  The Automatic
                             Connection. David Heilig, DO, FAAO 
880902                   Encountering, Understanding and Treating Emotional Trauma.
                             William G.  Sutherland Lecture Henrietta B. Sholars, DO
                             Gerald J. Cooper, DO, FAAO
 880903                 Osteopathy and Its Relation to Homeopathy. 
                             Gerald G. Slattery, DO, PhD
 880904                  A Look at Our Patient Stephen D. Blood, DO, FAAO
                             (for Stephen  M. Davidson, DO) 
                             Through both Ends of the Osteopathic Telescope. 
 880905                  Some Aspects of Healing. Joyce Vetterlein, DO
                             (for Maud H. Nerman, DO)

                  "The Central Connection: Somatovisceral/Viscerosomatic Interaction"

890901                   Opening Remarks Michael M.Patterson and John N. Howell, PhD
                             David A. Patriquin, DO, FAAO  PhD 
                             Somatic Cures to Diagnosis and   Treatment  of 
                             Visceral Dysfunctions.(Q&D) 
890902                   Viscero-Somatic Reflexes.  (Questions and Discussions) 
                             Myron C. Beal, DO, FAAO 
890903                   Osteopathic Clinical Aspects of  Somato-Visceral  Interaction. 
                             (Questions &  Discussion) William L. Johnson, DO, FAAO 
890904                   The Modulation of Visceral Functions by Somatic
                              Afferent Activity.  (Q&D)
                             Akio Sato, MD, PhD 
890905                   Visceral and Spinal Components of Viscero-Somatic Interactions. 
                             (Q&D)Fernando Cervero, MD, PhD 
890906                   The Relationship Between Visceral and Somatic Afferent Inputs to the
                             Spinal Cord:  Anatomical and Physiological Observations.  (Q&D) 
                             William C. DeGroat, PhD
890907                   Neurophysiological Mechanisms of Arthritic Pain.
                             (Questions & Discussion) Robert F. Schmidt, MD, PhD
890908                   Responses to, and Somatic Interactions with, Colorectal 
                             Distention in a  Rat  Model of Visceral Pain. 
                             (Questions &  Discussion)Gerald F. Gebhart, PhD
890909                   A Role for Spinal Pioid Systems in the Neurona Response
                              to Peripheral  Inflammation and Hyperalgesia.  (Q&D)
                             Maryann Ruda, PhD 
890910                   The Functional Organization of Visceral and Somatic Input
                             to the Spinothalamic   Tract STT System. 
                             (Q&D) Robert D. Foreman, PhD
890911                   Synaptic Efficacy of Afferent Input to Sympathetic
                             Preganglionic Neurons.  (Q&D) John Coote, PhD 
890912                   Neurobiological Basis and Organization of Viscero-
                             Sympathetic Reflexes.  (Q&D) Wilfrid Janig, MD, PhD 
890913                   Pathway and Effects of Somatic Afferents Controlling the Heart. 
                              (Q&D) Robert D. Wurster, PhD 
890914                   Synthesis:  Discussion on Research  Directions. 
                             (General Discussion and Audience Participation.) 
                             Michael M. Patterson PhD  & John N. Howell, PhD 

89544C                   Neck Pain:  Back to Basics.20 min. NCME
89546                     A   Update:  Low Back Pain. 20 min. NCME
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 900901-900908     1990         ANNUAL CONVOCATION:
                "Integration of a Spectrum of Osteopathic   Approaches"

900901                  Overview of Integration of Osteopathic Approaches:  The
                             Thrust of  Thrust and How it Relates to Other
                             Approaches Herbert A. Yates, DO, FAAO; Frank C. Walton, Sr., DO 
900902                   Integration of the Cranial Concept Into the Rest
                             of the Body  Myofascial: At the Hub, On the Fence
                             Neil A. Pruzzo, DO. Anthony G. Chila, DO, FAAO
900903                  Percussion Hammer Technique Robert C. Fulford, DO 
                             Edward G. Stiles, DO, FAAO Integration of Muscle Energy 
900904                  Integration of Strain/Counterstrain Richard Darby, DO 
                             Energy BalancingBarbara  J. Briner, DO
900905                  Cranial:  TMJ Anatomic Considerations Judith A.O,Connell, DO;
                             Carl Wirth, DDS  Dental Approach to TMJ Syndrome
900906                   Integrated Osteopathic Approach to TMJ Syndrome
                             Raymond J. Hruby, DO, FAAO
900907                  Differential Diagnosis of  Soft Tissue Pain Syndromes 
                             Norman Sheely, MD, PhD Stress factors in Patients
                             With Fibromyalgia.
900908                   An Integrated Osteopathic Approach to PatientsWith
                             Fibromyalgia Kenneth E. Graham, DO 
                             Stress Reduction:   An Integrated Session with the
                             Whole Group Kenneth E. Graham, DO

910613                   Visual Diagnosis & Manipulative Treatment In The Mgmt. of
                             Low-Back Problems.F.C. Hudgins, DO
910801-910805       Freshman Opp Series I          42 mins. PCOM

910810-910814       Freshmen Opp Series II       65 mins. PCOM

910820-910824       Freshmen Opp Series III      30 mins. PCOM

910830-910834       Sophomore Opp Series I        45 mins. PCOM

910840-910844       Sophomore Opp Series II        85 mins. PCOM

910850- 910854      Sophomore Opp Series III       32 mins. PCOM
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910901-910914  1991 ANNUAL CONVOCATION: 
               "The Foundations Upon Which We Are Built:
          Anatomy, Diagnosis and Treatment of the Lumbar Spine"

910901                  Motion Characteristics of the Lumbar Spine and Sacrum.
                             Herbert Reynolds, Ph.D.
910902                  Myofascial Release Treatment.    Robert C. Ward, DO, FAAO 
910903                  Muscle Energy Treatment.  Lorane M. Dick, DO, 
910904                  Counterstrain Treatment. Herbert A. Yates, DO, FAAO 
910905                  Respiratory/Circulatory Approach to Treatment of the
                             Abdominal Pelvic Area.  Boyd R. Buser, DO 
910906                  Anatomy/OP&P Fellow  Skeletal Evidence of the
                             Common Compensatory Pattern in Lumbar Vertebrae.
                             Neal Cross, PhD & Ken Johnson
910907                   onsideration of the Primary Respiratory  Mechanism 
|                            in Treatment of the Lumbo-Sacral Area. John H. Harakal, DO, FAAO 
910908                  Thrust Mobilization. Robert E. Kappler, DO, FAAO 
910909                  Coronal Plane Postural Balancing.Robert E. Irvin, DO 
910910                  Sagittal Plane Postural Balancing. Michael L. Kuchera, DO, FAAO
910911                  Nociceptive Reflexes and the Somatic Dysfunction. Richard L. Van
                             Buskirk, DO 
910912                  Evaluation and Testing of the Lumbar Musculature.  Mike Fulton,MD 
910913                  Rehabilitation Exercises for the Lumbar Musculature. Mike Fulton, MD 
910914                  Conclave of  Fellows:  Raised with Osteopathy- Drs. RC Ward,
                             MC Beal, AR Becker, EH Kennedy & GW  Northup It's All in
                             the Family. 

920901-920913          1992 ANNUAL CONVOCATION: 
"One Hundred Years of
Osteopathic Education"Still" the Best Kept Secret"

920901                   Welcome/Introductions. RichardW.Koss,DO Charles Still,  Jr.,DO
                             Carol Trowbridge 
                             The Life and Times of A.T. Still and Family. 
                             A.T. Still's Philosophy:  Implications for Education  Practice
                             and Research. 
920902                  The Spiritual Component of Still and Family.  Why Ask Why? 
                             Paul E. Kimberly, DO Alan R. Becker, DO, FAAO
920903                   Education, Metaphysics and Osteopathy. Jerry L. Dickey, DO,
                             FAAO Harold D. Goldman, DO 
                             Francis P. Millard  A Unique Chapter Osteopathic History. 
920904                   Medical Education:  Past, Present and Future Ralph L. Willard, DO
                             Why Teach Osteopathy to Specialists? Edward A. Luke, Jr., DO 
920905                   Rural  Medicine:  The Ultimate Challenge.Roselia Schlichtig 
                             Health Care in the 21st Century:  How Will the
                             Osteopathic  Profession Serve? Irvin M. Korr, PhD
920906                  Osteopathy:  The proof is in the Hologram. Michael Talbot
920907                  Osteopathy:  A Middle-Aged Revolution in Medicine. Jay Shores, PhD 
                             The Dynamic Spine.Patrick M. Coughlin, PhD
920908                   Be able to Demonstrate That Which You Assert - A.T. Still.
                             Orren Beaty, III, DO, PhD 
                             William E. Wyatt, DO  How to Manipulate. 
920909                   Osteopathic Cardiology.I. Philip Reese, DO 
                             Osteopathy:  View from Another Continent. Jean-Jacques
                             Debroux, DO
920910                   Vibrating Energy. Robert C. Fulford, DO 
                                 The Human Bioenergy Field:  A Homeostatic Continuum.
                                 Barbara J.  Briner, DO 
                                  The Healing Energy. Judith A. O'Connell, DO 
920911                      Anomalous Electrical Phenomena with "Heaters." Elmer Green, PhD 
                                 Dynamical Systems Theory in Osteopathy. E. Carlisle Holland, DO
920912 and 920913    Conclave of Fellows:  First Rib Dysfunction:  Fact or Fiction?
                                 Drs. A.S. Nichols, W.C. Ehrenfeuchter, R.J.  Hruby, E.G.  Stiles
                                and H.A. Yates
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920914-920925          1992 INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM:
"Nociception and the  Neuroendocrine-Immune Connection"
920914                  Neurobiology of Stress. Philip W. Gold, MD (Chief,
                             Clinical Neuroendocrinology  Branch, NIMH) 
920915                  The Osteopathic Clinical Experience.  John H. Harakal, DO, FAAO
                             (Prof., TCOM) 
920916                   Peripheral Neuropeptides, Inflammation and Nocieption. Donald G.
                             Payan, MD  (Assoc. Prof., Microbiology and Immunology in 
                             Residence, University of Columbia.)
920917 and 920918 Studies of Spinal Cord Neurons that Project Directly  to the
                             Hypothalamus. Glenn J. Geisler, Jr., PhD(Prof., Dept. Cell Biology
                             and Neuroanatomy, Univ. Minn. School of Med) 
920919                  Locus Ceruleus and Nociception. Gary S. Aston-James, PhD 
                             (Dir., Div. Behav. Neurobiology, Hahnemann Univ.) 
920920                   Hypothalamic Connections with Brainstem Limbin and Endocrine
                             Systems. Peter J. Morgane, PhD     (Senior Scientist Worchester
                             Fdtn.  For Experimental Biology) 
920921                   Adrenal Steroid Modulation of the Brain and the Immune
                             System. Bruce S. McEwen, PhD
920922                   Nociception  and the Neuroendocrine-Immune System
                             Modulation. Josef  Donnerer, MD  (Assoc. Prof., Dept. Pharm.,
                             Univ. Graz, Austria) 
920923                   Stress Associates Modulation of Cellular Immunity. Ronald Glaser,
                             PhD  (Prof. & Chair, Dept. Med. Microbiology & Immunology,   Ohio
                             State Univ.) 
920924                   Psychological Influences on Immunity. Janice  Kiccolt-Glaser, PhD
                             (Prof. Psychiatry & Psychology, Ohio State Univ.) 
920925                   Discussions on Research Directions. Murray Goldstein, DO, MPH 
                             (Dir., Nat'l. Inst. Neurological Disorders and Stroke, Nat'l.
                             Institute of Health) 

930901-93-917    1993 ANNUAL CONVOCATION
                                        "Osteopathy and Children"

930901                   Introduction & Welcome. E. Carlisle Holland, DO 
                             History of Osteopathy in the Treatment of Children. 
                             Harold Goodman, DO 
930902                  In-Utero and Birth Trauma. Michael Lockwood, DO 
930903                   The Newborn's Neuromusculo-skeletal System: J. Mark Bailey, DO,
                             PhD, Maturation and Braincase Biophysics. 
                             Organization of the Primary Respiratory Mechanism. 
                             Jane E. Carriero, DO
930904                   Paradigms in Medicine. David Crotty, DO 
                             Brain Injury in Children. E. Carlisle Holland, DO 
930905                   Neurometric Brain Mapping in Diagnosis of Mild Brain Injury,  
                             Learning Disability and Cognitive Impairment.Gerald Senf, PhD 
                             Expanding Osteopathic Concept as it Applies to Children. 
                             Viola M. Frymann, DO, FAAO
930906                   Osteopathy and Perception.Cheri Quincy, DO 
930907                   Learning Disabilities.John Jones, DO 
930908                   Children, Osteopathy and the Environment Mary Ann Block, DO 
930909                   Phytotherapy and Children. David Hoffman, BSC, MNIMH 
930910                   Child-Centered Strategies of Developmental Learning. 
                             Carla Reed, PT 
930911                   Vision and the Delayed Child.Richard Glonek, OD
930912                   Music Therapy and Children. Barbara Crowe, MM, RMT-BC 
930913                   The Osteopathic Role and Children's Health. Judith A. O'Connell, DO 
                             Preventive Medicine and Osteopathic Treatment of
                             Children. Johannes Steenkamp, DO
930914                   The Future of Integrative Medicine Paul Brenner, MD
930915                   The Future of  Osteopathic Treatment of Children.                            
                             Robert C. Fullford, DO 
930916 and 930917 Conclave of Fellows Leadership Isabelle Chapella, DO, FAAO 
                             Michael L. Kuchera, DO, FAAO 
                             The Role of Women in Osteopathic Leadership.Raymond J. Hruby,      
                             DO, FAAO 
                             Osteopathic Leadership in the International Community. 
                             Pride, Motivation and Leadership:  What you Can Do? 
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930918-940418          1993 AAO CONVENTION

930918                  Musculoskeletal  Manifestations  Operative Complications and   
                             Manipulative Management of the Post-Operative Patient. 
                             Daniel L. Wisely, DO, FACOS Walter C. Ehrenfeuchter,  DO, FAAO 
                             Use of Botulinum  Toxin in Unremitting Post-Traumatic Muscle 
940418                  Osteopathy & Children with Carlisle Holland, DO 
                             Donated by P. Coughlin, Ph.D.,  Anatomy.

940901-94 0922      1994 AAO CONVOCATION: "An Osteopathic Approach to Patients with
                                Visceral Dysfunction"

940901                  Welcome and Opening Remarks. John C. Glover, DO,  Program
                             Chairman Anthony G. Chila, DO, FAAO
                             History of Visceral Techniques in the Osteopathic Profession. 
940902                  Spinal Cord I:  Initial Processing on Nociception in the  Spinal 
                             Cord Segment. Frank Willard, PhD  Frank Willard, PhD
                             Spinal Cord II:  Somatic and Visceral Reflexes in Response to 
940903                   Current Approaches to Visceral Manipulation. Jean-Pierre Barral,
                             DO, MROF 
940904                   Spinal Cord III:  The Concept of a Homeostatic Nervous
                             System. Frank Willard, PhD 
940905                   A Missing Link?:  Connections Between Visceral Manipulation &
                             Acupuncture. Peter File, DO 
                             Research in the Development of Visceral Manipulation.Jean-Pierre
                             Barral, DO, MROF
940906                   Critical Pathways, Selection of Hospital Patients to Receptive Edward
                             Stiles, DO 
                             Manipulative Care. Evaluation & Treatment of the Surgical and
                             Internal Medicine  Patient. Mark Cantieri, DO
940907                  Lymphatic System and the Diaphragm. Frank Willard, PhD 
940908                   Role of  Specialists in Manipulative Care. Michael Kuchera, DO, FAAO 
                             The Hospital Service:  Privileges, Consultation, Charting,
                             Charging & Quality. Mark Cantieri, DO 
940909                  Manipulative Care of an Obstetrics &  Gynecology PracticeMelicien
                             Tettambel, DO, FAAO 
940910                   Differential Diagnosis & OMT Utilization with Emergency
                             Frank Paul, DO 
                             Department Patient. Manipulative Care in the ICU. G. Bradley
                             Klock, DO
940911                   Manipulative Care in Internal Medicine Practice.David A. Vick, DO 
940912                   How I Use OMT in Genitourinary Practice. Wayne Steinsnyder, DO,
940913                   The Whole Patient Needs a Whole Physician Is Fatigue Your
                             Problem? Galen S. Young, DO, FA AO
940914                   Blocks That Obstruct the Healing Process.  Is Osteopathic Medical 
                             Care Good Enough?  Robert England, DO, FAAO 
940915                   Invisible, Intangible, Beyond the Microscope...Negative Influence's
                             Assail Our Patients Viola M. Frymann, DO, FAAO
940916                   Introduction to Visceral Manipulation. Jean-Pierre Barral, DO, MROF 
940917                   Coding Update. Judith A. O'Connell, DO
940918                  Somatic Complaints of Visceral Origin. Daniel Bensky, DO 

940919                   Use of Chapman's Reflexes in Evaluation and Treatment. David
                             Patriquin, DO, FAAO Michael Kuchera, DO, FAAO 
940920                   Evaluation & Treatment of Hospital Patients. Mark Cantieri, DO
940921                   Muscle-Fascial-Lymphatic Balancing Techniques.Wynne Steinsnyder,
                             DO, FACOS
940922                  Teaching Disease Oriented Structural Diagnosis &   Documentation. G.
                             Bradley Klock, DO
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920951- 920959         PRINCIPLES OF MANUAL  MEDICINE    1992. 
920951                  Introduction:  Concepts and Principles, Part  160 min.POMM
920952                  Introduction:  Concepts and Principles, Part  260 min.POMM
920953                  Lumbar Spine 60 min.POMM
920954                  Pelvis Part 160 min.POMM
920955                  Pelvis Part 260 min.POMM
920956                  Thoracic 60 min. POMM
920957                  Rib Cage 60 min. POMM
920958                  Cervical Spine. 60 min.POMM
920959                  Extremities 60 min.POMM

970150-970154          PRINCIPLES OF MANUAL MEDICINE 1994. 
970150                  Concepts and Principles 61 min. W & W
970151                  Lumbopelvic Region. 61 min. W & W 
970152                  Thoracic Spine and Rib Cage. 56 min. W & W 
970153                  Cervical Spine and CT Junction. 36 min. W & W 
970154                  Extremities. 45 min. W & W 

970165-970168          Myofascial Pain: An Integrated Approach 1995.
970165                   Basic Concepts and Principles. 62 min. W & W
970166                   Muscles of the Head, Neck, & Upper Torso. 86 min. W & W
970167                   Muscles of the Lower Back &  Hip. 83 min. W & W 
970168                   Muscles of the Lower Extremity 57 min. W & W 

970169-970171          The Travel Stretch Program 1992.
970169                   Muscle Stretches for the Head, Neck, and Shoulder Region W & W 
970170                   Muscle Stretches for the Upper Back Chest, Shoulder, and Upper
                             Extremity W & W 
970171                   Muscle Stretches for the Lower Back Abdomen, and Lower
                             Extremity W & W

970180-185           Myofascial Pain Syndromes:
                                Travel Trigger-Point Tapes 1990.
970180                   Introduction to Myofascial Pain W & W 
970181                   Myofascial Pain Syndromes of the Head, Face, Neck and Shoulder
                             Girdle W & W
970182                   Myofascial Pain Syndromes of the Upper Torso and ShoulderW & W 
970183                   Myofascial Pain Syndromes of the Shoulder and Arm W & W 
970184                   Myofascial Pain Syndromes of the Low Back and Hip W & W 
970185                   Myofascial Pain Syndromes of the Hip, Thigh and Calf W & W

970934                      Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome(A Guide to the trigger points)
                                118 mins. NHPI
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