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  Graduate Medical Education



8 sections
2 people per section?3 people in 2 of the sections for total of 18
PGY 5/2     
PGY 4/3
Evans Hall Room 603C


Dissection - RIGHT
Prior to the assigned Tuesday. The 2 residents assigned to that group are responsible for doing their best to dissect out and label the listed structures on R side of pt..


Surgical Exposure - LEFT
 -On the assigned Tuesday, the 2 residents will present their dissection done during the previous
week and then perform one/two surgical approaches on the Left side
 -Each group may also pick any exposure OR technique of their choice. You may organize with a company to have them bring in implants/instrumentation for you.


Tentative Dates - I would like to keep these dates as listed, however if someone has a conflict and can not be there(i.e. Cooper Call, Vacation) then we can work out a switch... otherwise, I would like everyone to be there on time on their given day.  This will only work if everyone involved participates


Time ? 2:30pm-4pm.

Since space is limited, this will only be for residents and interns.  In order to try and maximize the # of residents present, we will conduct the lab from 2:30 - 4pm.  It is the responsibility of the members of the group to be ON TIME in order to show their dissection.

1-2:30pm - Review R&G, articles(Time permitting)
2:30-4pm - Anatomy Lab
4-4:30pm - Pizza Break
4:30-6pm  - Fracture Conference
    6-7pm  -  Lecture



1- Shoulder - Buckel, Gupta
2- Humerus- Epting, Pasquella
3- Elbow - Hill, Campbell M, Chicorelli
4- Forearm/Wrist - Shamash, Boardman
5- Hip- Miranda, Rosenblatt, Nace
6- Thigh/Knee- Amann, Nydick
7- Lower Leg ? Campbell D, Dolch
8- Foot/Ankle - Parker, Maurer

          DATE          GROUP
 4/17  2
 4/24  1
 5/1  3
 5/8  4
 5/15  5
 5/22  6
 5/29             None
 6/5  7
 6/12             8

1A. Shoulder-  Dissection
 Label the following structures on R side:
Muscles/Tendons ? Deltoid, Pec Major, Subscap, Conjoined Tendon, Supraspinatus,
Infraspinatus, Teres Major, Lat Dorsi, Teres Minor, Long head biceps
Vascular structures ? Cephalic Vein, Anterior Humeral Circumflex artery, Post humeral
Circumflex, Subclavian/Axillary
  Nerves ? Axillary, MC, Brachial plexus(as best as possible)
  Other ? Quad space, Triang space, Triang Interval, CA/AC/CC Ligaments

1B ? Shoulder ? Surgical Exposures
Deltopectoral approach
  ORIF Prox humerus fx
 Posterior Approach

2A. Humerus ? Dissection
 Label the following structures on R side:
Muscles/Tendons ? Biceps, Brachialis, Brachioradialis, Triceps, Coracobrachialis
Vascular structures ?  Axillary/Brachial Artery
  Nerves ? Axillary, MC, Radial, Median, Ulnar,
  Other ?
2B ? Humerus ? Surgical Exposures
Anterolateral approach
Posterior approach
 ORIF Humeral shaft fx, Find radial nerve
3A ? Elbow- Dissection
 Label the following structures on R side:
  Bony anatomy ? Rad head, Coronoid, Trochlea, Capitellum, Med/Lat epicondyle
  Muscles/Tendons ? Triceps, Biceps , Anconeus, Extensor Mass, Flex/Pronator Mass,
  Vascular ? Brachial artery, Radial/Ulnar arteries
  Nerves ? Radial, Sup Radial nerve, PIN, Ulnar, Median
  Other ? Lacertus Fibrosus, LCL, MCL
3B ? Elbow ? Surgical Exposures
 Kocher ? Post Lateral
  ORIF Rad head/Radial Head Replacement
  Distal Biceps Repair
  Ulnar Nerve Transposition- (Subcutaneous, Submuscular)

4A ? Forearm/Wrist ? Dissection
 Label the following structures on R side:
  Bony ? Carpal bones, Rad tuberosity, Listers tubercle, Radial styloid
  Tendons ?flexors/extensor in forearm, Pronator, Supinator, IO membrane
  Nerves ? Sup Radial, PIN, Median, AIN, Ulnar, Palmar cutaneous branch
  Vascular ? Radial, Dorsal branch radial, Ulnar
  Other ? TFCC, SL Ligament, Interosseous membrane

4B ? Forearm/Wrist ? Surgical Exposure
 Volar/Henry ? extended into carpal canal
  ORIF Both bone forearm
  Expose scaphoid
 Dorsal Thompson ? Find PIN, Transpose EPL
 Dequarvains Release

5A ? Hip ? Dissection ?
 Label the following structures on R side: 
  Bony ? Fem Head, Lesser troch, Ant/Post walls of acetabulum
  Muscles/Tendons ?Glut Max/Medius/Minimus, Piriformis, Ext rotators, Sartorius, TFL,
Adductors, Iliopsoas
  Nerves ? Scatic, Femoral nerve
  Vascular ? Femoral artery, Vein
  Other ?
5B ? Hip ? Surgical Exposure
 Anterior ? Smith Peterson
 Posteior ? Turn pt lateral(if possible)
  THA/Hemiarthroplasty technique


6A ? Thigh/Knee ? Dissection
Label the following structures on R side:
  Bony ? Femur, Tibial eminence, Gerdys tubercle, Pes insertion
Muscles/Tendons/Ligaments ?Quads, Hamstrings, Sartorius, Adductors, Pes tendons,
MCL, LCL, Popliteus, ACL, PCL
  Nerves ? Sciatic, Common Peroneal , Tibial
  Vascular ? Sup and Deep Femoral artery, Popliteal vessels
  Other ? MM, LM, Adductor hiatus

6B ? Thigh/Knee ? Surgical Exposure
 Lateral ? Thigh
  ORIF Distal Femur
 Posterolateral ? Knee
  Postlat corner reconstruction
 Anterior/Med parapatellar

7A -  Leg - Dissection
 Label the following structures on R side:
Bony ? Tibia, Fibula,
Muscles/Tendons/Ligaments ? TA, EDL, EHL;  PL, PB; Gastroc, Soleus,
 Post TIb, FDL, FHL
  Nerves ? Common Peroneal, Superficial/Deep peroneal, Tibial, sural, Saphenous
Vascular ? Ant tibial, Post tibial,
Other ? Intreosseous membrane
7B ?  Leg - Surgical Exposure
 Fasciotomy Incisions ? One incision vs Two incision
 Approach for IM tibial nail ? (Split tendon, Medial parapatellar)

8A ? Foot/Ankle ? Dissection
 Label the following structures on R side:
  Bony ?  Med mall, Lat mall, Post process talus, talar neck/head, Lateral process talus,
Sustentaculum tali, Post facet of Subtalar joint, Cuboid, Navicular Tuberosity,
Muscles/Tendons/Ligaments ? Post tibial tendon, FHL, FDL, Peroneals, EHL, TA,
Deltoid Lig, Spring Lig, Lis Franc Ligament
  Nerves  - Sural, Sup/Deep Peroneal, Post tibial nerve
Vascular ? Post tibial artery, Dorsalis Pedis artery, Saphenous Vein

8B ? Surgical Exposure
 Anterior ? Pilon fx, ORIF Post mall
 Medial ? ORIF Med Mall, Pilon, Talar neck
 Lateral ?ORIF Distal Fibula with Antiglide plate
 Fasciotomy incisions for foot

Last Updated: 1/20/15