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GA—PCOM Personnel


Human Resources
The Human Resources Department develops and maintains programs that will attract and retain qualified individuals to be a part of the PCOM community. More

Employment Opportunities
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H. William Craver III, DO '87, FACOS
Dean & Chief Academic Officer Osteopathic Medical Program
Mark Okamoto, PharmD
Dean & Chief Academic Officer School of Pharmacy
Bryan Ginn, Chief Campus Officer
Bryan Ginn Jr.
Chief Campus Officer


GA-PCOM Key Personnel
Name   Title Phone Email Fax
Skye Bickett   Reference and Education Librarian 678.225.7541 skyebi@pcom.edu 678.225.7549
Bonnie Buxton, PhD   Assistant Dean of Osteopathic Curriculum
Chair, Department of Bio-Medical Sciences  
Professor of Microbiology and Immunology
678.225.7465 bonnieb@pcom.edu  
Lori Cushing   Supervisor, Clinical Education 678.225.7493 loricu@pcom.edu 678.225.7499
Alisia Curtis   Office Manager, Department of Bio-Medical Sciences 678.225.7560 alisiacu@pcom.edu 678.225.7479
Lisa D'Addieco   Director, Student Housing 678.225.7502 lisadad@pcom.edu 678.225.7509
Rolf Dzirson   Lieutenant, Security and Public Safety 678.225.7517 rolfdz@pcom.edu  
Bryan Ginn Jr.   Chief Campus Officer 678.225.7503 bginn@pcom.edu 678.225.7509
Trena Gologan   Assistant Director, Admissions 678.225.7536 trenago@pcom.edu 678.225.7526
Paula Gregory, DO   Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
Director of Family Medicine Clerkship Assistant Dean of Education
678.225.7483 paulagr@pcom.edu  
Tomia Harmon, MD   Director, Primary Care Skills 678.225.7491 tomiaha@pcom.edu  
Gary Johnson   Assistant Registrar 678.225.7558 garyjo@pcom.edu  
John Khan   Assistant Director, Maintenance 678.225.7458 johnkh@pcom.edu  
Kimura Leonard   Associate Director, Financial Aid 678.225.7533 kimurale@pcom.edu 678.225.7526
Stacy Lewchuck   Office Manager, Georgia Osteopathic Care Center 678.225.7485 stacyle@pcom.edu 678.225.7489
Tiarra Lewis, MHRM PHR   Assistant Director, Human Resources 678.225.7515 tiarrale@pcom.edu  
Patience Mason   Director, Student Affairs 678.225.7534 patiencema@pcom.edu 678.225.7525
Brian Matayoshi, PhD   Associate Director, Biomedical Sciences Program
Professor of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology
Nancy McLaughlin, DHsci, PA-C   Physician Assistant Site Director 678.225.7540 nancymcl@pcom.edu  
Barbara Myers   Manager, Marketing and Public Relations  678.225.7532 barbaramy@pcom.edu 678.225.7509
Jeffrey Seiple   Coordinator, Anatomy Lab 678.225.7477 jeffreyse@pcom.edu 678.225.7460
Leander Tice   Manager, Technical Support 678.225.7521 leanderti@pcom.edu 678.225.7509
Alisa Toney   Officer, Alumni Relations and Development 678.225.7506 alisato@pcom.edu 678.225.7509
Last Updated: 7/27/15