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GA-PCOM Biomedical Sciences

There continues to be a great and growing need, particularly in the southern United States, for individuals educated in the biomedical field. If your passion is the life sciences, particularly its practical application in healthcare or in research, a foundation in biomedical sciences offers a wide career path and many choices for employment. Scientists in the biomedical field are frontrunners in today's sophisticated and increasingly skilled medical and research arenas. They conduct research in labs and hospitals supporting the work of medical staff and clinicians. They also work in forensics, public health and in the bioscience educational, legal or management sectors. With a solid foundation in biomedical sciences, graduates can also continue their education and pursue careers as physicians, physician assistants, public health professionals, pharmacists, dentists, veterinarians, optometrists and other health specialists.

At GA-PCOM student can pursue a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences. The curriculum offers interdisciplinary coursework with a strong emphasis on human medicine and clinical applications. GA-PCOM faculty members are dedicated professionals and a medical school environment offers a rich and inspired learning environment.

Creating and discovering new scientific applications and solving medical and forensic mysteries is profound and the prospects are endless. Learn more about our program offerings.


Course Descriptions and Sequence 

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Last Updated: 3/10/15