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Graduate Study in Biomedical Sciences - Georgia Campus

The first year of the master of science program in biomedical sciences emphasizes biomedical concepts that may be taken in preparation for application to professional school or applied in science careers in teaching or industry. All coursework is at the graduate level and instruction is by the faculty of Georgia Campus-Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (GA-PCOM).

The curriculum is appropriate for college graduates who are preparing for application to medical and other health professions degree programs, but who may not currently meet the competitive requirements. The courses are not designed to substitute for undergraduate premedical requirements. It should be noted that many criteria play a role in the admissions process to professional schools. While the Biomedical Sciences Program provides an opportunity for the student to demonstrate academic capability, it does not assure admission to a professional school.

Courses are similar in content to the courses in the medical program at GA-PCOM, but students benefit from instruction as a separate class. The certificate year courses provide a strong base of biomedical lecture and laboratory work in an evening schedule which can be completed in one academic year and which is specially designed to accommodate the non-traditional student. The courses in the foundation year are prerequisties for the master of science degree concentrations.  A post-baccalaureate certificate of graduate study is awarded for successful completion of all first-year courses.

The student who successfully completes the biomedical sciences first-year curriculum will:

  • Have achieved an advanced understanding of the important fundamental concepts in the basic biomedical sciences as preparation for additional graduate/profeassional training or employment in the bioscience field
  • Have explored his or her capability to command the broad content of advanced biomedical science coursework in the professional school setting before making the commitment to pursue a career in medicine, other health professions or advanced graduate study in biomedical sciences
  • Show an enhanced and improved academic record, prepatory to professional program application.

Primary modes of instruction are lecture, laboratory and small group/seminar. Course content is also supported via the PCOM Blackboard system, a College-wide course information management system which allows students to access course materials and other resources through the Internet.

A variety of instructional methods complement the basic classroom lecture format. Dissections, anatomical model examination, slide identification and computer simulations are particular to the teaching of structural concepts in anatomy, physiology and histology. Problem-solving groups and case presentations help develop the communication skills and thought processes that are critical to the application of biomedical concepts to professional careers.

Students interested in Graduate Study in Biomedical Sciences should contact GA-PCOM's admissions coordinator at 1-866-282-4544, 1-678-225-7500 or email gaadmissions@pcom.edu

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Last Updated: 1/20/15