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Getting the Recognition They Deserve

Christine Lennon-Naulty, Terrence Hill and Mary Ann DeWees (from left) were among the 25-years proud PCOMers. Not pictured: Francis Kania and Wendy Romano.
GA-PCOM five-year award winners (left to right): Harold Komiskey, PhD; Karim Zaman, DO;  Lisa D'Addieco; Murray Berkowitz, DO and Torrian Hall with PCOM President and CEO Matthew Schure, PhD (second from left); and John Fleischmann, EdD, MBA, MPA
Campus Executive Officer (far right). Not pictured: Donald Penney, MD.

 35 Years
Tage Kvist PhD, Anatomy
Alexander Nicholas DO ’75, OMM
Charlotte Pritchette, Distribution Services

30 Years
Dean Gray, Materials Management
Madeline Law, Alumni Relations and Development
Kenneth J. Veit DO ’76, MBA, Office of the Provost
Suzanne Walker-Garland, PCOM Healthcare Center- Roxborough Division

25 Years
Mary Anne Dewees, Specialty Care Center

Terrence Hill, Printing Services
Francis Kania, Plant Operations
Christine Lennon-Naulty, Admissions
Wendy Romano, Marketing and Communications

20 Years
Peter Doulis, CPA, Office of the CEO 

15 Years
Grzegorz Gorski, MD, PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Nea Hargrove, Library
Richard Kralle, Security and Public Safety
David Kuo, DO ’96, PCOM Healthcare Center- Roxborough Division
Richard Lowe, Plant Operations
Scott Righter, Alumni Relations and Development
Renee Shaw, Bursar's Office
Todd Vladyka DO, Family Medicine at PCOM

10 Years
Bernadette Anyzek, Financial Aid
Marcus Bell, PhD, Neuroscience, Physiology, Pharmacology
Randall Blackwell, Library
Terri Blair, Marketing and Communications
Patricia Broadus, MIS/Telecommunications
William Clinton, Psychology
Marina D'Angelo PhD, Anatomy
Nancy Devlin, OB-GYN
Edward Gee, Printing Services
Barbara Golden, PsyD, Psychology
Abigail Harmon, Marketing and Communications
David McGilloway, MIS/Telecommunications
Bradley Rosenfield, PsyD, Psychology
Michelle Turrentine, PCOM Healthcare Center- Roxborough Division
Randy Wang, MIS/Telecommunications
Angelika Weakland, Psychology
Carol Weisl, Marketing and Communications
Frank Windle, Plant Operations

5 Years
Murray Berkowitz, DO, OMM, GA-PCOM
Christopher Brown, Bursar's Office
Qian Chen, PhD, Neuroscience, Physiology, Pharmacology
Johnathan Cox, Admissions
Lisa D'Addieco, Campus Executive Office, GA-PCOM
Christine Davidian, Library
Sara Doebley, Financial Reporting & Planning
Meshonea Fox, Student Affairs
Jessica Gallagher, PCOM Healthcare Center- Roxborough Division
Torrian Hall, MIS, GA-PCOM
Harold Komiskey, PhD, Basic Sciences, GA-PCOM
Nancy Martorano, Financial Aid
Marta Motel DO ’88, PCOM Healthcare Center- Lancaster Avenue Division
Donald Penney, MD, Basic Sciences, GA-PCOM
Stephanie Rainey, PCOM Healthcare Center- Lancaster Avenue Division
David Wood DO ’96, Sullivan County Medical Center
Dr. Karim Zaman, DO, Basic Sciences, GA-PCOM
Dianzheng Zhang, PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Juliana Zoga, Neuroscience, Physiology, Pharmacology