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The professional resources of a city rich in medical history, achievements and scientific advances are only 15 minutes from PCOM´s campus on City Avenue. This is the seventh site of a College that graduated its first class of two physicians in 1900. PCOM has grown steadily to become the hub of an educational/health-care complex. The recently redesigned City Avenue site provides a true college campus atmosphere for students, unique among urban medical colleges. All facilities in the educational complex are specially equipped for handicapped students.

For more details on PCOM´s campus, click on the building or area you want to view on the map below, or visit our online Campus Tour.

Philadelphia campus map

PCOM's Healthcare Centers

PCOM's "extended" campus includes five healthcare centers that are owned and operated by the College. The centers, which provide care to the medically underserved in Philadelphia and rural Pennsylvania, serve as clinical learning sites for PCOM students. The centers are Lancaster Avenue Center, Roxborough Center, Cambria Center, City Avenue Center of PCOM´s campus and Sullivan County Medical Center in LaPorte, PA.

Last Updated: 5/20/15