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Medical Students:
All of our Healthcare Centers serve as training sites for PCOM's senior medical students. Fourth-year students gain valuable clinical experience by interviewing patients and performing patient histories, physicals and exams. Students are closely supervised by a physician. We know that you will find our students to be an asset during your medical care.

As your primary care office, we will coordinate all of your medical care. Please consult our office whenever you have questions about your health. When medically necessary, your physician will refer you to a specialist and will coordinate your care with that doctor. Many times, follow-up care can be provided through our office. However, if it is medically necessary for continuing care to be provided by a specialist, we can arrange this for you.

Most managed care plans require a prior written referral to see a specialist. We cannot issue retroactive referrals for care previously provided. Please call our office if you have any questions about referrals.

All "well" visits (exams, follow-ups, immunizations) require an appointment. Sick patients should call as early in the day as possible so that we can see you that day. This helps us keep waiting times to a minimum and allows our patients adequate time for their appointment.

You must have an appointment for your physician to fill out the following forms: WIC, Medical Assistance Assessment, Driver's License and forms to have Electric, Water, Gas and Telephone service reinstated.

If you must cancel your appointment, please give the office at least 24 hours notice.

Test Results:
Our office will call you with any abnormal test results. If we cannot reach you, we will mail you a card requesting that you come to the office.

Prescription Refills:
Please call during office hours to request prescription refills. Provide the name and phone number of your pharmacy and the name and dosage of your medication. Do not wait until the last day of medication to call us; we need time to review your request and phone in the prescription.

Telephone Calls:
We welcome your phone calls and encourage you to call with questions and concerns. If you have a question for your physician, please leave a message and he or she will return your call during a break in office hours. This gives our doctors uninterrupted time with patients.

Urgent Calls:
A physician is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have an urgent medical problem call the office immediately.

  • During office hours provide your name and a description of the emergency to the receptionist.
  • After office hours our answering service will take your call. Please indicate that you are calling for an emergency and the physician on-call will be contacted immediately. The physician will guide you in your emergency care.
  • If you feel that any delay would result in a life-threatening situation, please follow the instruction on the back of your medical card. Instruction for emergency care varies by insurance company.
Last Updated: 1/20/15