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PCOM Scholarships


  Academic Merit Scholarships  

The PCOM Office of Admissions offers merit scholarships to newly admitted students.

If you are awarded an admissions merit scholarship, you will be notified directly by the PCOM Office of Admissions. You are not required to file a FAFSA to be considered for these merit scholarships and there is no application.

  Financial Need Scholarships  

The PCOM Office of Financial Aid awards financial need scholarships to admitted and returning students. You must complete the FAFSA correctly if you wish to be considered for PCOM’s financial need scholarships.

You are REQUIRED to post your parent information on the FAFSA if you are age 26 and younger as of December 31, 2014. If you are 27 and older as of January 1, 2015, parent information is NOT required on the FAFSA to be considered for PCOM’s financial need scholarships.

There are no separate applications. If you are awarded a financial need scholarship, it will appear on your Nucleus Financial Aid Checklist as part of your financial aid award summary.

  Endowed & External Scholarships  

You must complete the PCOM Scholarship Application as part of your Nucleus Financial Aid Checklist in order to be considered for all PCOM endowed scholarship funds that have unique criteria.

Also, the PCOM Financial Aid Office is periodically notified of external agency scholarships. By completing the PCOM Scholarship Application on Nucleus, we will specifically notify you of those external agency scholarships that you may apply for.

View our Financial Aid Handbook for a list of institutional & external scholarships.

Many of PCOM's endowed scholarships are made available to students through funding from PCOM alumni. If you are awarded a PCOM endowed scholarship, we highly encourage you to write a letter of thanks to the PCOM Alumni Office and/or appropriate scholarship committee.

External Scholarship Searches

We recommend utilizing the following websites to search for additional external scholarships that may be available for graduate and medical students:

Fastweb Scholarships.com Schoolsoup.com Public Health Scholarships Psychology Scholarships


Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarships

The United States Army, Navy, and Air Force offer prospective military physicians, physician assistants, clinical psychologists, and pharmacists a paid medical education in exchange for service as a commissioned medical department officer. Eligibility is for U.S. citizens based on academic performance, recommendations, and physical requirements. The Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) provides funding for a monthly stipend, tuition and fees, books and instruments. In return for the scholarship, recipients are obligated to give one year of service for each year of support (minimum two years of service). Recipients will be required to spend 45 days on active duty each year while in school (usually on weekends).

Click on a link below for additional information:

Yellow Ribbon Program

PCOM participates in the Veteran’s Administration Yellow Ribbon program.

Students who are eligible to receive VA benefits under the Post-9/11 GI bill may be considered to receive additional funds from PCOM under this program.

Eligible students should submit their certification of eligibility to the PCOM Office of the Registrar.

As there is a limited number of Yellow Ribbon scholarships, the awarding will be based on when the certification of eligibility is received. A maximum of 10 awards will be made to graduate students, and a maximum of 10 awards will be made to medical students.

Tuition and fees paid under the Post-9/11 is capped at $17,500 or the appropriately reduced amount based on your eligibility percentage for the academic year.

For further information regarding Post-9/11 or other chapters, please contact:

Philadelphia Campus   Georgia Campus
Deborah Castellano
  Kimura Leonard
Associate Director, Financial Aid
Last Updated: 10/7/15