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  Financial Aid

Financial Information for Today and Tomorrow

Financial Information for Today & Tomorrow (F.I.T.T.)

The Financial Information for Today & Tomorrow (F.I.T.T.) program is designed specifically for PCOM students to provide resources in the areas of debt management and financial literacy. We believe students who take advantage of the F.I.T.T. program will be more likely to borrow less loans today as well as be better equipped to have a positive financial plan for tomorrow. PCOM's Financial Aid Office is committed to helping students develop healthy financial habits during and after school.

The topics include:

Building Good Credit Resources for establishing good credit. How your credit score affects borrowing and home buying.
Desiree's Two Cents Handpicked resources focusing on financial literacy and financial planning including books, articles, videos, and more.
Ways to Save Take the $100 Challenge to reduce your living expenses to save nearly $1,800 during repayment.
Budgeting Learn the importance of proactive budgeting techniques.Download free budgeting spreadsheets and software.
Loan Servicer Spotlight Servicers explained. How to find your servicer. Spotlight on financial literacy resources available on servicers' websites.
Manage Your Loans Compare loan repayment plans and calculate loan repayment. Learn about loan forgiveness and consolidation.
Salary Information Data and resources on relevant occupational salaries in PA, GA, and the United States.
Financial Lecture Series Presentations by staff and guests on topics of loan repayment, financial planning, home buying, and more.
Last Updated: 10/13/14