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Dilullo, Camille


Camille DiLullo, PhD

Professor of Anatomy
Department of Bio-Medical Sciences

FX: 215-871-6540
E-mail: camilled@pcom.edu


PhD, Anatomy & Structural Biology, University of Pennsylvania
Post-doctoral fellowship - Cardiovascular Training in Electron Optical Research, University of Pennsylvania
Microbiology post-doctoral fellowship, University of Pennsylvania


Dr. DiLullo facilitates learning in the areas of Anatomy and Neuroscience. As quoted in the PCOM Digest (2013#2) Dr. DiLullo feels that “We learn best when we are engaged in endeavors that interest or excite us.” She encourages learners to explore knowledge through the lens of their professional passions with an approach the embraces their personal experiences and independent self-reflection. To promote active learning she has designed various training modules that include interactive workshops, educational learning objects and videos and small group medical core competency discussion sessions. She is working on the design of a Portfolio Platform to guide Undergraduate Medical Students to utilize multiple aspects of their personal and professional lives to advance the development of expertise.

Dr. DiLullo’s bioscience research has been broadly focused on the differentiation and early development of various cell types including myocytes, neurons and red blood cells. Specifically her work has focused on the temporal and spatial appearance of cell specific proteins during the process of cellular differentiation. A new initiative will focus on examining embryonic skeletal muscle for the action of proteases during the process of skeletal muscle regeneration. Dr. DiLullo’s educational research is centered on the enhancement of learning and the development of expertise for multigenerational cohorts in medical training. She is focused on promoting learning through multi-modal experiences and personal self-reflection. Outcomes from educational research include student learning strategies, online learning tools and assessment instruments.

Dr. DiLullo serves as a pre-clinical evaluator for the Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA), a member of the Anatomy National Faculty for the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME) and on the Editorial Board for the Journal International Science Research Network - Anatomy. She is a member of the Pennsylvania Muscle Institute and the Center for Chronic Disorders of Aging. She currently sits on the Development Committee for the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE), the Public Policy Committee for the American Association of Anatomists (AAA), the Advisory Board and Educational Outreach Committee for the LaSalle University Art Museum and is a reviewer for multiple journals including MedEdPORTAL, Clinical Anatomy, Medical Science Educator and Anatomical Sciences Education. Dr. DiLullo also mentors K-12 students through the Physician Scientists Training Program (PSTP) and FabFems.

Additional information about Dr. DiLullo is available here.


1991-2002 Postdoctoral Fellowship – NIH; Cardiovascular Training in Electron Optical Research, Dept. of Cell and Developmental Biology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.

Selected Publications

DiLullo, C. Learners of the Next Generation. Teaching Anatomy – A Practical Guide. Springer. In Press.

DiLullo C, P McGee, RM Kriebel. Demystifying the Millennial Student: A Reassessment in Measures of Character and Engagement in Professional Education. Anat Sci Educ. 4:214-226. 2011.

DiLullo C, HJ Morris, RM Kriebel. Learner-directed clinical case tutorials: an approach that focuses on the integration of patient-physician interaction and basic science information to diagnose patient complaints. Anat Sci Educ. 2:238-43. 2009.

DiLullo, C, J Gerhart and M George-Weinstein. Preparation of Chick Striated Muscle Cultures. Methods in Molecular Biology 137, Developmental Biology Protocols Vol. 3, 337-349. 1999.

DiLullo C, AS Menko, NJ Philp, P Mattioli, P Gilhool, C McGinley and D Boettiger. A Novel Periodic Localization for Alpha 1 Integrin in Skeletal Muscle. Basic Appl. Myol. 8 (4): 325-340. 1998.

Lu, M, C DiLullo, T Schultheiss, S Holtzer, J M. Murray, J Choi, DA Fischman, and H Holtzer. The Vinculin/Sarcomeric-Alpha-Actinin/Alpha-Actin Nexus in Cultured Cardiac Myocytes. J. Cell Biol. 117: 1007-1022. 1992.

Shuman, H, J Murray, and C DiLullo. Confocal Microscopy: An Overview. Biotechniques Vol.7, No. 2:154-163. 1989.

Bennett, GS and C DiLullo. Expression of a Neurofilament Protein by the Precursors of a Subpopulation of Ventral Spinal Cord Neurons. Dev. Biol. 107:94-106. 1985.

Bennett, GS and C DiLullo. Transient Expression of a Neurofilament Protein by Replicating Neuroepithelial Cells of the Embryonic Chick Brain. Dev. Biol. 107:107-127. 1985.

Selected Presentations

2012 Platform Session: "Muscle-Nerve cross talk – Impact on voluntary muscle action”; American Osteopathic College of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation national meeting.

2011 Seminar: "Demystifying the Millennial Student - A Reassessment in Measures of Character"; St. Georges University, Grenada.

2010 Platform Symposium Session: "The Millennial Student: What We Should Know"; American Association of Anatomists national meeting

  Triptych I
  "Triptych I": The repeating motif is a group of myofibrils from chick embryonic skeletal muscle.

Volunteer & Leadership

Dr. DiLullo currently is the organizer for the 2014 AAA Regional meeting being hosted at PCOM, an inaugural member of the new PCOM Diversity Council and has leadership oversight for the development of a Portfolio Platform for DO physicians in training.

Research Keywords

  • alpha-1 integrin
  • muscle
  • Millennial
  • self-reflection
  • peer evaluation
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