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Brown, Hugh Keith

Hugh Keith Brown, PhD

Hugh Keith Brown, PhD, MS

Clinical Professor of Anatomy
Department of Bio-Medical Sciences

Ph: 678-225-7486
FX: 678-225-7379
E-mail: keithbr@pcom.edu


PhD, Clinical Anatomy / Neuroscience, Tulane University
MS, Human Anatomy / Electron Microscopy, Medical College of Georgia
BS, Biology (Chemistry minor), Augusta College


H. Keith Brown, PhD is a native of rural Georgia who received his BS in Biology from Augusta College and an MS in Anatomy (Electron Microscopy) from the Medical College of Georgia before his doctoral work in Clinical Anatomy and Neuroscience at Tulane University in New Orleans.

His teaching and research career at the University of South Florida College of Medicine in Tampa Florida included directorships of Electron Microscopy, Histology, Clinical Human Anatomy, and a Clinical Associate Professorship in Radiology. He is the founding president of the Florida Society for Electron Microscopy.

His varied publications as well as his patents on color MRI reflect his research interests and innovations in neuroscience, neurological-rehabilitation, diagnostic medical imaging, and tissue segmentation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. His tendency to think out of the box and to improvise novel solutions to problems were born of farm life, honed by his work as a technician and continue to serve him well in medical research.

Dr. Brown’s 40 + years of teaching experience has been in Clinical Human Anatomy, Neuroscience, Histology, Embryology, Physiology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Diagnostic Imaging during his tenure at the University of South Florida College of Medicine, the Physical Therapy Program at North Georgia College and State University in Dahlonega and as a faculty member in Brenau University's Occupational Therapy Program in Gainesville Georgia. Dr. Brown is currently a Professor of Anatomy at the Georgia campus of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.


Ann Austin Johnson Outstanding Faculty Member Award, Brenau University, 2000

Chi Omega Professor of the Year, Brenau University, 2000

President’s Council Award for Research Univ. of South Florida 1986

Selected Publications

Gillot, A.J., Holder-Walls, A., Kurtz, J.R., Varley, N.C., and Brown, H.K. Perceptions and experiences of two survivors of stroke who participated in constraint-induced movement therapy home programs. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 57(2):168-175, 2002

Phillips, W.E., Brown, H.K., Bouza, J., and Figueroa. Neuro Radiologic MR Applications with Multiparametric Color Composite Display. Magnetic Resonance Imaging 14(1): 59-72, 1996.

Lancz, Gerald, S. Specter, H.K. Brown, J.F. Hackney and H. Friedman. Interaction of Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol with Herpes Viruses and Cultural Conditions Associated with Drug-induced Anti-cellular Effects in: Friedman, Klein and Specter Ed. Drugs of Abuse and Immunity. Plenum Press. 1995.

Brown, H.K., T.R. Hazelton, A.K. Parsons, J.V. Fiorica, C.G. Berman, M.L. Silbiger. PC-based Full-Color Composite Display in MR Imaging of Adnexal Masses: Preliminary clinical Application with Quantitative Image Analysis and Pathologic Correlation. JCAT, 17(6): 993-1005, 1993.

Brown, H.K., T.R. Hazelton, J.V. Fiorica, A.K. Parsons, M.L. Silbiger. Composite and Classified Color Display in MR Imaging of the female pelvis. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 10(1): 143-154, 1992.

Brown, H.K., T.R. Hazelton and M.L. Silbiger. Tomographic Abdominal Anatomy with Magnetic Resonance Color Composite Imaging. Clinical Anatomy, 5(2): 169-184, 1992.

Hazelton, T.R., H.K. Brown and M.L. Silbiger. Angiographic Magnetic Resonance Color Composites of the Normal Brain and its Vasculature. J. Neuroimaging, 2(3): 143-150, 1992.

Yamamoto, Y., T.W. Klein, H.K. Brown and H. Friedman. Differential Morphologic and Metabolic Alterations in Permissive vs. Nonpermissive Murine Macrophages Infected with Legionella pneumophila. Infection and Immunity, 60(8): 3231-3237, 1992.

Brown, H.K.,T.R. Hazelton and M.L. Silbiger. Generation of Color Composites for Enhanced Tissue Differentiation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain. American Journal of Anatomy, 192: 23-24, 1991

Klein, Thomas, Y. Yamamoto, H.K. Brown and H. Friedman. Interferon gamma induced resistance to Legonella pneumophila in susceptible A/J mouse macrophages. J. Leuk. Biol., 49:98-103, 1991

Selected Presentations

Brain MRI Image Segmentation using Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Yong Wei, *H. Keith Brown, Xiuping Tao, Samuel Moore, and Dongsheng Che, IPCV / World Comp ’10, July 2010

Course on Diagnostic Imaging for Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Association of Georgia, Oct. 2008.

Advanced Practice Elective in Neurorehabilitation: Brain Review, Brenau OT. Fall 2004

“Functional Mapping of the Brain” Georgia Occupational Therapy Association. 2003

Advanced Anatomy of the Hand, CME Brenau University, 2001

Workshop on 3D MRI Segmentation Algorithm: Ritz Chicago, December 2001.

Volunteer & Leadership

Guest of Family Health Organization and Asia Medical Institute, Kabul , Afganistan, Summer 2013. Lectures.

Member, North East Georgia Medical Center IRB Committee, 2004-2013

Chairman, Administrative Council at Loudsville United Methodist Church, 2005-2006

Teacher, Adult Sunday School at Loudsville United Methodist Church, 2001-2005

Teacher, Adult Sunday School at First Methodist Church, Gainesville, 1996-1998

Member, Board of Directors for NOA (Domestic abuse shelter), Lumpkin county, 1994-1996

Teacher, Adult Sunday School at Dahlonega United Methodist Church, 1993-1996


H. Keith Brown CURCA grant at NGCSU, Tissue Segmentation by color MRI: Statistical Analysis, $2000 Collaboration with UGA's Biological Imaging Research Center Fall 2009, Spring 2010.

H. Keith Brown CURCA grant at NGCSU. Cortical Re-mapping After Brain Injury Using fMRI. $3,000, Collaboration with UGA's Biological Imaging Research Center Fall 2008, Spring 2009.

H. Keith Brown Research and Development Contract: Develop Software to demonstrate Color MRI methodology. For Image Analysis Inc. of Tulsa Oklahoma through Brenau University, Gainesville, Georgia. $ 340,000. 1998 – 2000.

H. Keith Brown, Laurence P. Clarke, Clarke Naylor, Martin Silbiger Enhancing Magnetic Resonance Images for Improved Cancer Diagnoses. American Cancer Society/NASA (NSFL) March 1990 - March 1994. NASA plus matching funds from American Cancer Society, total $199,115. Funded March 1990 – March 1994.

Herman Friedman, Thomas Klein, Julie Djeu, Y. Yamamoto, and H. Keith Brown. Legionnaire’s Disease: Cell Mediated Immunity. Department of Health and Human Services PHS Future Extensions, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. 1/88-1/92. ROIAI16618-06, $759,357.


Actively producing short video clips for Anatomy / Neuroscience reviews, 2014.

Brown, H.K. and Phillips, W.E. Showcase: Musculoskeletal tissue Segmentation with natural Color Display in MRI: The News Magazine of Magnetic Resonance. Winter 1995

Phillips, W.E. and Brown, H.K. Color MRI: Works in Progress. Diagnostic Imaging, Spring 1995

Brown, H.K. and T.R. Hazelton Innovations in Diagnostic Imaging: Magnetic Resonance Angiography and Color Image Display. Journal of the Florida Medical Association, 78 (5): 309-312, 1991

Clarke, L.P.,G. Pidick, D. Jones, H.N. Schnitzlein, H.K. Brown, F.R. Murtagh aned M.L.Silbiger. MRI; Comparison of Circular and Ellipitical Coils for Lumbar Spine. 12th North East Bioengineering Conference, Yale University, New Haven CT, March 1986 (IEEE, Catalog No. 86CH2329-1;1986

Schnitzlein,H.N., R.F. Murtagh, L.P. Clarke, M. Downing, B.P. Cornell, J.P. Jones, H.K. Brown, and M.L.Silbiger. Imaging Anatomy of the Lumbosacral Spine with Magnetic Resonance. Urban & Schwarzenberg Medical Publishers, Baltimore-Munich 1986

Brown, H.K. Laboratory Manual for Microscopic Anatomy, Univ. South Florida College of Medicine. 1977 and subsequent editions through 1985.

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