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Rosemary B. Mennuti, EdD, NCSP, Clinical Professor

Dr. Rosemary (Roe) Mennuti is a part-time Professor in the School Psychology program at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.  In 2003, she developed and implemented the PsyD program in school psychology and the MS and EDS programs followed in 2004. 


Dr. Mennuti  is certified as a School Psychologist and holds national certification from the National School Psychology Certification Board.   Previously Dr. Mennuti enjoyed a 30-year career in public schools where she served as a school psychologist and also had experience as a guidance counselor and classroom teacher. She also has worked with children as a group therapist at the Center for Children's Support specializing in Childhood Sexual Abuse. 


Dr. Mennuti has a special interest in helping those with eating disorders.  She was an individual and group therapist at the Renfrew Center in Philadelphia, a treatment center for women with eating disorders.  She was also part of an ongoing research team at the Renfrew Center, studying the use of EMDR in treating body image issues of clients with eating disorders.  She has written on the topic and presented many workshops to a variety of professional groups. 


She has also written several books on school-based mental health and the use of cognitive behavioral therapy.  In addition she is editor of the School-Based Practice in Action Book Series.  This series provides school-based practitioners with concise practical guidebooks that are designed to facilitate the implementation of evidence-based programs into school settings, putting the best practices in action.

Dr. Mennuti completed her doctoral degree from Virginia Tech and had the opportunity to do her research training in qualitative methodology with Dr. Carol Gilligan at Harvard University. She received post doctoral cognitive therapy training under Dr. Arthur Freeman at La Salle University and in 1999; she fulfilled requirements for respecialization in Clinical Psychology from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. 


Her major areas of interest include school based mental health, cognitive behavioral therapy, student development,  eating disorders,  sexual abuse, therapist self-disclosure,  girl’s development, and women's issues. 




Selected Publications


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Selected Professional Presentations


Williams, B.B., & Mennuti, R.B., (2013, February). NCSP Help Session: Preparing for the Praxis Exam in School Psychology. Special Session at the Annual Convention of National Associations of School Psychologists. (NASP). Seattle, WA.


Pathappillil, J., & Mennuti, R.B., (2012, February). Promoting the wellness of Indian children with autism. Annual Convention of National Associations of School Psychologists. (NASP). Phila, PA.


Felony, R., & Mennuti, R. B., (2012, February). Two ways to connect with students: Counseling in the schools. Annual Convention of National Associations of School Psychologists. (NASP). Phila, PA.


Christner, R.W. & Mennuti, R.B. (2011, October)  Cognitive-behavioral  therapy with youth: Essentials of practice.  Annual Conference of the  Association of School Psychologists of Pennsylvania. Penn State College, PA.


Mennuti, R.B. & Christner, R.W. (2010, July)  Cognitive-behavioral  interventions  for reducing anxiety in children.  Annual National Associations of School Psychologists Summer Conference. Nashville, TN.


Mennuti, R.B. (October, 2009).  Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with children and adolescents: A model of school-based mental health. Invited full day workshop presented to the Delaware Association of School Psychologists and Wilmington University-MCC and MEC Graduate Counseling Programs, Wilmington, DE.


Mennuti, R.B. (April, 2009). Relational CBT groups: Treating adolescent females with eating disorders. Invited lecture to Princeton Behavioral Health Grand Rounds, Princeton, NJ.


Christner, R.W., & Mennuti, R.B. (2009, February). Taking CBT to schools: The basics and beyond. Workshop to be presented at the 2009 Annual Convention of the National Associations of School Psychologists, Boston, MA.

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