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Assessment Services

Description of Services
The Center for Brief Therapy provides comprehensive psycho-educational and psychological evaluations for both adults and children at an affordable price.  Evaluations such as these can help determine an individual’s level of intellectual functioning, unique learning style, personality characteristics, present academic achievement, career and vocational interests and aptitudes, and social/emotional needs, while incorporating the impact of situational and environmental factors.  Clinicians collaborate with the referral source, educational institution, parents/guardians, and treating clinicians during the assessment process.  Our staff are trained to utilize current research findings published by the National Institute of Health & Human Services (NIH) in their conceptualization and diagnosis.  Clients are often impressed by the thoroughness of the report, which includes clear, “user friendly” recommendations targeted to improve the client’s learning, attention, interpersonal, emotional, behavior and/or academic success.

Areas of Evaluation
• Cognitive skills
• Attention and memory
• Executive functioning
• Educational performance
• Personality style
• Social and emotional functioning


There is a one-time fee for assessment services.  This fee includes the initial session, testing sessions, report writing, and feedback session fees.  While this cost is considerably less than some clinicians may charge, the quality of this service is not compromised.  Our student clinicians collaborate with their licensed psychologist supervisors to create a high quality report and service experience for our clients in a timely manner.

State and Federal Guidelines
Evaluations are written to conform to state and federal guidelines, such as the IDEIA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act), ADA (American Disabilities Act), and Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act, and adhere to specifications set forth by most post-secondary institutions in determining eligibility for educational accommodations.


Last Updated: 1/20/15