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Internal Medicine


Department Contact Information


Departmental Phone:

(215) 871-6337

Departmental Fax:

(215) 871-6347

Administrative Assistant:

David Teter


Administrative Faculty

Daniel Parenti, D.O.

Chairman, Department of Internal Medicine
Professor, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine


Divisional Chairs


Rocco Crescenzo, D.O.

Chair, Division of Hematology and Oncology
Assistant Professor 

Neil H. Feldman, D.O.

Chair, Division of Adult Allergy and Immunology

Jeffrey S. Freeman, D.O.

Chair, Division of Endocrinology

William Gilhool, D.O. 

Chair, Division of Gastroenterology

Bruce Kornberg, D.O.

Chair, Division of Cardiology

Pat Lannutti, D.O.

Chair, Division of General Internal Medicine

Michael Levin, D.O.

Co-Chair, Division of Nephrology
Clinical Associate Professor 

David Loughran, D.O.

Chair, Division of Infectious Disease

Joseph Lubeck, D.O.

Co-Chair, Division of Neurology

Stephen Purcell, D.O. 

Chair, Division of Dermatology 

Michael A. Venditto, D.O.


Chair, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine





Wayne Arnold, D.O.

Clinical Associate Professor, Cardiology

Theodora Bernadini, D.O.

Professor, Nephrology

Anthony Clay, D.O.

Clinical Instructor, Cardiology

Coyle Connolly, D.O.

Clinical Assistant Professor, Dermatology

Brian Penza, D.O. 

Instructor, General Internal Medicine 

Erik Polan, D.O.

Instructor, General Internal Medicine 

Richard A. Pascucci, D.O.

Professor, Rheumatology

John P. Simelaro, D.O.

Professor, Pulmonology


Course Catalog 

Last Updated: 6/16/15