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Alumni Association Board of Directors

The Institutional Advancement Department maintains a number of directories for PCOM alumni. In addition to the Alumni Directory that is published every five years, the following directories are available here: Institutional Advancement Staff, the Alumni Association of PCOM Officers & Board of Directors and Alumni with E-mail.


To obtain a list of your classmates, including mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, please contact alumni@pcom.edu or call toll free 1-800-739-3939.

Alumni wishing to contact their district representative should contact the Institutional Advancement Department at the above phone or email. 


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The Alumni Association of

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Board of Directors


2015 Officers


Dana C. Shaffer, DO ’85


David Coffey, DO ’84                                                                                              

Vice President

Carol Robison, DO ’85


Quintina Herrera, MS ’07


Melissa N. Schwartz, DO ’91

Assistant Treasurer

Joanne Hullings, DO ’96

Past President

Darlene A. Dunay, DO ’83  


2015 District Directors


North Atlantic District

Paul J. Lapoint, DO ‘90

William J. Pesce, DO ’89


New Jersey District  

James M. Bonner, DO '86                             

Joseph Nyzio, DO '00                                 

Richard Tancer, DO '84 


Pennsylvania District

Michael Becker, DO ’87

Ronald Cowen, DO '66                     

Jennifer Dwyer, DO ’08                    

Joanne E. Hullings, DO ‘96               

Suzanne Kelley, DO ’77

Melissa N. Schwartz, DO ’91

William Swallow, DO ’79


Middle Atlantic District                                                                                                       

Chad R. Gordon, DO '02                  

Paul M. Spector, DO '72


Georgia District                                                                                                        

Rajiv Sood, DO ’09

Southeast District

Gretta A. Gross, DO ’97


Florida District

Ricky P. Lockett, DO '84

Paul D. Seltzer, DO ’80                     

Middle America District                                                                  

Ositadinma O. Opara, DO '99                      

Corwin A. Thomas, DO ’95

Great Lakes District                                                                                                

Leanne Labriola, DO ’06

Elsira M. Pina, DO '89                                

Far West District                          

Allan Goldberg, DO '63                                                                                            

Howard M. Robinson, DO '90

Military District

COL Michael I. Cohen, USA, DO '98

Maj Ryan Devine, DO ’08, USAF, MC

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jay S. Feldstein, DO ’81

Graduate Program Directors

Jennifer Alvarado, MS '08                 

Krystal Carter, MS '10

Sheree Contres, PsyD ’04         

Quintina Herrera, MS '07                   

Rashim Lancit, MS, '07, EdS ’13                  

Shanda Lucas, MS '09

Amanda Murphy, PA-C ’02

David M. Poponi, PsyD '09                                                                                                               


2015 Representatives


Intern Representative

Melissa Babnew, DO '15


Resident Representative      

Lindsey Perea, DO ’13          


Student Representatives                           

Sol Han (MS/Biomed '16)                  

LaVar Williams (MS/Biomed '16)

Alumni Association Board Representative to PCOM Board of Trustees

Joseph J. Kuchinski, DO '86                                                                                         

Directors Emeritus of Alumni Association

Robert S. Maurer, DO '62                  

Past President Council

Darlene A. Dunay, DO '83, Chair

Hal Bendit, DO ’84

Joseph Kuchinski, DO ‘86

H. Sprague Taveau, DO ’77

Richard Pascucci, DO ’75


If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, contact: 
Dana C. Shaffer, DO ’85, President, Alumni Association
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Institutional Advancement Department
4180 City Avenue
Philadelphia, PA  19131-1695
(fax) 215-871-6151 or email alumni@pcom.edu.
Your response will be kept on file for future board vacancies.
If a vacancy becomes available, you will be contacted regarding a possible nomination.
Last Updated: 9/24/15