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Georgia Campus - PCOM Employment Opportunities

Job Title: Instructor
Department: Pharmacy Practice
Location: GA-PCOM

  • Instructor in Pharmacy Practice will help in the supervision and oversight of students of all Pharmacy Practice laboratory activities including all case studies. The instructor will hold a valid Georgia State Pharmacy License to work within the Practice Laboratories. The instructor is responsible for maintaining a safe, instructive atmosphere in the laboratory at all times. The instructor must follow all safety guidelines at all times in the laboratory, and must enforce these guidelines for all students in the laboratory. The instructors are generally expected to attend all pre-lab sessions, all laboratory sessions, and any other meetings scheduled by the course instructor or the lab coordinator. The Instructor is required to be familiar with all procedures and calculations involved prior to entering the laboratory and must be prepared to lecture 
  • briefly or talk individually one on one with the students on this material. The Instructors are also responsible for grading laboratories, OSCE activities, and Case Studies. The instructors have primary responsibility for laboratory housekeeping, and should ensure that all areas are clean and neat before leaving the laboratory. The review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. Rank and salary are commensurate with qualifications and experience. 

  • To apply for the position, send via e-mail a letter of intent, a curriculum vitae, and names and addresses of three references, preferably from current or former supervisors.


 All inquiries must include salary requirements and should be directed to:


  Department of Human Resources
   Medical Office Building
   4190 City Avenue, Suite 144
   Philadelphia, PA 19131
   Call (215) 871-6500 
   Fax (215) 871-6506
   Email: hr@pcom.edu


PCOM is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Last Updated: 5/26/15