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Go Green

Energy Management Savings Initiatives

Since 2006, PCOM's Department of Plant Operations, led by Frank H. Windle, Chief Facilities Officer, has been evaluating college facilities and energy usage.  Among their saving initiatives has been the implementation of a unique plan for peak demand energy times- deploying an auxiliary generator and bidding load reduction capabilities real time on the open market.  In 2007-2008, these two initiatives saved the college $50,000.  A dual-fuel usage plan, embracing alternative fuels and blended fuels, has likewise resulted in cost savings: $150,000 in 2007-2008.

Go Green Initiatives

As of this fall, the college is engaged in a survey of its existing condition that will lead to the development of a master sustainability plan, a concerted process to reduce PCOM's impact on the environment.  The institutional Environmental safety and Health Committee, a college wide task force, is working to develop the action plan in collaboration with the community.  The college presently promotes environmental awareness through its continuous expansion of a recycling program that included plastic, aluminum and printer cartridge recycling in addition to paper product recycling.  Over 6,500 pounds of recycling waste collection is projected for the fiscal year.   


Last Updated: 12/15/14