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Digital Signage

PCOM Materials Management Department

Digital Signage Policy and Procedure

1.    Definition of Digital Signage
    1a    Digital Signage utilizes large format monitors in the lobbies of the three main Philadelphia Campus buildings to communicate messages promoting on-campus events, activities, meetings, programs and services of interest to the PCOM Philadelphia Campus community.

2.    Goals of Digital Signage
    2a    Provide a visual means of conveying messages to the PCOM Philadelphia Campus community that will build interest in events and activities advertised by Nucleus and Groupwise e-mails and other media.
    2b    Reduce labor costs associated with the production, installation, removal and storage of easel-mounted large format printed posters.
    2c    Reduce the use of paper and ink used in production of posters to create a more ecologically friendly campus environment.
    2c    Reduce visual clutter in the lobbies of the three main campus buildings.
    2d    Reduce the trip hazards created by posters mounted on easels.

3.    Guidelines for use of Digital Signage
    3a    All messages must be approved by an appropriate Cabinet member (or designee) before being submitted to Printing Services.
    3b    Messages are primarily for services, events, meetings and programs for the entire PCOM Philadelphia campus.
    3c    Messages will be broadcast for a definitive period of time not to exceed two weeks. Printing Services will develop messages to be used as "fillers."
    3d    Verbose messages will be edited for content and appropriate graphics used.  Edited messages will be returned to the requesting department for approval before broadcast.
    3e    Departments requesting messages must indicate the date and time when the message should begin broadcasting and the date and time when the message should end.
    3f    Message "crawls" (streaming messages across the bottom or top of the screens) will be managed by Printing Services.
    3g    Messages will be broadcast to coincide with PCOM Library hours.
    3h    Two business days are required for images to be prepared and submitted to the requesting department for approval of the proof. Messages will begin broadcasting 24 hours after the approval of proof has been received.

4.    How to Place a Message on Digital Signage
    4a    After approval for the message has been received from the appropriate Cabinet member (or designee) , the message and approval documentation should be forwarded to digitalsigns@pcom.edu.   

4b    Printing Services can accept text in most file formats (MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Publisher, Adobe, InDesign, QuarkXpress and Groupwise). Illustrations can be in jpeg, eps, tiff, pdf and gif.  Contact Victor Sawyer (ext. 6638) with questions regarding text and illustration formats.

Last Updated: 12/15/14