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Media Policy

The public relations manager is responsible for handling all media contacts regarding Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, its faculty, staff and student body. When a member of the media contacts PCOM to request information or an interview, the public relations manager contacts the appropriate individual and makes the suitable arrangements to meet the needs of the media. 

Although most reporters/editors/producers contact marketing and communications first, there are times when the media may contact a member of the PCOM faculty, staff or student body directly. When this happens, the individual should refer the reporter to the public relations manager. H/she will learn the nature of the story and follow up with the appropriate individual(s). If a reporter contacts a faculty member regarding his or her area of expertise, and it’s a time sensitive matter, it may be appropriate for that person to talk with the reporter directly. That individual should contact the public relations manager as soon as possible after the interview with the specifics of the interview. Whenever possible, the public relations manager should be present at the interview to help ensure accuracy and reporter accountability.

If a member of the staff, faculty or student body has an item to pitch to the media, they should work with the public relations manager. Some members of the PCOM community may have a relationship with a member or members of the media. If this is the case, and they wish to work with the media directly, the public relations manager must be kept informed. For practical and record keeping reasons, it’s essential that the marketing and communications department be made aware about all media contact.

To contact the public relations manager, dial extension 6304 or 6300.

Last Updated: 12/15/14