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Known Problems 


OSX request Silverlight to be installed or the speed control is not available.

Firefox running on OSX will not have all the features of Chrome or Safari.  If a request appears to install Silverlight it is likely that the file version for OSX has not been processed yet.  It could take up to 4 hours after the last recording was recorded in that classroom for all the files to be processed.


Unable to get to Tegrity from Blackboard

If the Tegrity course list will not display after selecting the Tegrity link in Blackboard open a new browser tab or window, and go to http://pcom.tegrity.com.
Use your network user name and your Blackboard password.  Your Blackboard password is remembered by Nucleus, but is separately managed from your Nucleus password.  Changing a Nucleus password has no effect on your Blackboard password.

Internet Explorer 
You might see a white screen 

Tegrity needs IE9 or newer to operate properly.  Please see https://help.tegrity.com/what-are-the-requirements-for-a-viewing-a-tegrity-recording.html



Chrome Browser will not load page
If the course or lecture list will not appear in Chrome please read this page


Firefox Browser playback error

If an error appears when playing a lecture in Firefox please complete a report by clicking on help - get support in the upper right of the Tegrity window.  


Desktop and Laptop 

On Microsoft Windows Tegrity works best on Internet Explorer, but will work on other browsers.

Please confirm Windows media player Network settings.  This must be correct to view Tegrity.

Tegrity does require ActiveX helpers to be installed.  Requests to install ActiveX helpers will appear as popups or a banner below the menu bar on Internet Explorer.  Please accept the default settings and install the ActiveX helpers. 

If after installation the lecture will not play, restart the computer.  Once the computer has restarted right click on the IE icon or Internet Explorer from the Program Menu and select Run as Administrator.  Use Internet Explorer as normal and attempt to install the ActiveX helpers.  If probems persist please contact the help desk and report the course and lecture that fails to play.


For detailed instructions for mobile Tegrity usage

If some courses are not listed, remove the Tegrity app from your device and renew the entire process starting with the Tegrity authentication.

Diagnose Playback Problems - Microsoft Windows

  • Problems can occur after updates or installation of other media players.
  • Tegrity will not work with MS Vista 64 - To identify the Windows Operating System version  Microsoft OS version
  • Please confirm Windows media player Network settings.  This must be correct to view Tegrity.
  • Confirm the Tegrity site is added to the list of trusted sites.
  • Confirm necessary plug-ins and components are in place.

If it still does not work please call 215 871 6110 or email the Helpdesk.

Last Updated: 12/15/14