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MS in Mental Health Counseling Program Mission

The MS in Mental Health Counseling is designed to transform compassionate and focused individuals into highly skilled, competitive master's level clinicians.  The program is committed to the practitioner-scholar model of training, encouraging students to integrate psychological theory, techniques, and research into clinical practice.  The cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) model is emphasized and students are provided the unique opportunity to practice CBT techniques and conceptualization with video-taped, standardized mock patients.

Our MS students are dedicated to promoting ethical, empirically-based treatments in private and public healthcare and correctional settings.  The program endeavors to inspire students to be active in the field of psychology as members of professional organizations, attendees to local and national conferences, and participants in specialized trainings.  Culturally and individually diverse and underserved populations are always considered in assessment and treatment.  The program is dedicated to instilling multicultural awareness in its clinical training.  Above all, the program strives to bring the best of the discipline and practice of counseling and clinical health psychology to enhance the health and well-being of all individuals. 

Last Updated: 12/12/14