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Frequently Asked Questions


Who will teach my courses?
The school psychology core faculty are talented and diverse in skills.  Each core faculty member has achieved a doctoral degree (i.e., EdD, PsyD, PhD) and also has been a certified school psychologist at some point throughout his/her professional career.  We perceive this as a strength of our program in that each core professor has worked in the school setting and is able to offer current, up-to-date practices that will influence student development.  Some members of the core faculty also possess additional certifications and completed post-doctoral work in diverse settings.  While not all courses are taught by the core faculty, we have entrusted capable adjunct faculty to assist with your academic development and skill base.  Several of the adjunct faculty members are employed in capacities where school psychology skills are utilized daily.

What can I do with a master�s degree in school psychology from PCOM?
While there are a number of career pathways, such as behavioral analysis and support, entry level mental health clinician placements, and independent consultation, you will need to be credentialed as a school psychologist by the Department of Education.  In order to receive this credential, additional course work (offered in PCOM�s EdS/certification program) is needed.  Our master�s program prepares you for the EdS program; this sequence of programs is designed for those seeking certification.

How long does it take to complete the master�s program?
The master�s program can be completed in 14 months (commencing with summer enrollment) and requires 37 credits beyond the bachelor�s degree.