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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the ideal candidate?
The Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) Program in School Psychology is an innovative, applied professional psychology program designed for working school psychologists.  It builds on the advanced training of the certified school psychologist and his/her experiences.  Working in the field while attending the PsyD program facilitates the integration of practical experience with scholarly pursuits for a richer learning experience.

The PsyD program consists of a minimum of 61 credit hours beyond the specialist level.  PCOM admits students who are certified school psychologists and are looking for advanced doctoral study in the field of school psychology.

How does the program differ from a more traditional type of education in school psychology?
1. The program is designed as a 61 credit program that builds upon the specialist level training of school psychologists.  Not only does admission to the program require school psychology certification, credits earned at the specialist level are credits accepted towards the advanced degree.

2. The program requirements including the residency, internship, and research dissertation or project that can be completed while continuing to work in the field.

3. A specialty of the program is a emphasis in cognitive behavioral therapy.  This training includes a three-course sequence, one of which is taught by the internationally renowned Dr. Arthur Freeman, one of the world's foremost experts in cognitive behavioral therapy.  The second and third courses include practical application of the theory to school aged children and is taught by program faculty. Students also have the option to choose an emphasis in School Neuropsyhcology during their second year of course work.

4. Finally, the program draws on the unique strengths of being set in a medical community and provides students with the knowledge and skills to practice in a variety of settings.  There is a tremendous need for school psychologists and physicians to collaborate on behalf of children, adolescents, and families.  This has been a missing link in the care of children and PCOM is the natural place to connect these two communities and clearly address the needs of the "whole child."

Why should I enroll in this program?

1. PCOM strives to bring the best of the discipline and practice of school psychology by providing a comprehensive, integrated, state of the art program of study involving exciting courses, highly credentialed and qualified faculty, along with well-supervised field experiences.

2. PCOM accepts credits for Specialist Level School Psychology.

3. PCOM's program can be completed in as few as 3 years or more.

4. PCOM offers a emphasis in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Dr. Arthur Freeman.

5. PCOM offers a emphasis in School Neuropsychology.

5. PCOM can enrich your education with the integrative components of course work offered at a medical college.

6. PCOM courses are offered on evenings and weekends to accommodate your personal life and your work schedule.

7. PCOM's modern campus is conveniently located on City Avenue and has indoor parking.

What about the time and financial commitment?

There is no cheap or quick way to obtain a doctoral degree.  The PCOM program can be completed in three years but must be completed within seven years.  We have a great Financial Aid Department available to all of our students.  Call the Financial Aid Office at (215) 871-6170 or visit them on the web for further information.

Last Updated: 12/12/14